Sunday, April 22, 2007

today is the day

Today is the day that I have given in and started my own blog. It's kinda fun.

We just got back from dinner at our family, put Avery to bed, and while Collin is enjoying the end of a Red Sox/Yankees game, I decided to start this blog:)

I am also excited to start playing tomorrow with my Green Grass Stamps.


Kit said...

ELizabeth, your blog site is fabulous just like you are! I love the pictures, the spirit of Elizabeth that comes shining on through, and seeing your family through your eyes as well as the scrapbook pages ( though when I read them close up in living color at your home on your birthday party night, they truly brought tears to my eyes, and in this blog I wish everyone could read the things you wrote, as well as see those pics!)

I wish every family had a record keeper like you...your kids are going to know that their lives matter....So much...that family matters....that loving matters...that living each day with joy and gratitude MATTER!!!

Thanks for being in MY world!

camille said...

I love It
You have inspired me to a bugger
I mean blogger.
Wow I love what kit said
"that living each day with joy and gratitude matters.
You are a beatiful and I started to cry because you knelling at dads grave and talking about how you always think of him.
I love it because we were blessed with such a amazing man and thats why sometimes a minute or a hour dos not go by we don't think of him.
Thanks for being my sis and my example you have taught me a lot and always encourage me

camille said...

When will we see your photography
web site.
Cant wait to see it launched:)