Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I did this page for Two Peas in a Bucket a scrapbooking community. It was so fun to highlight my mom. She is such an amazing woman. Yesterday was officially my first mother's day and it was so fun. Collin and Avery gave me very sweet cards, Collin's even sang:)) He also gave me a beautiful orchid to wear to church. It didn't last long with our little Avery around:)

It was also a great day because we got to talk to Sister Ashley Brown in Ohio. It was so great to get to hear her voice and tell her how much we love her and are so proud of her!!! She'll be home so soon!!

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Dana Dastrup said...

Liz: I know you probably think that it is weird that I am even looking at your blog... but Avery is SO CUTE!! You guys make the cutest family!! But I also wanted to ask you if I could get Ashley's address...I have not written her for so long and I miss her so I need to get a letter out to her ASAP!! You could send me an email to if you get a chance!! Thank you!! -Dana