Sunday, June 10, 2007

love this

Like a giddy groupie for a hit band-I love when Collin plays the guitar!!

He will kill me for posting this haha!!:)

It is so fun lately when Avery goes to bed and we turn into porch monkeys-sitting on the porch while Collin strums his 12 string.

You will mostly find him behind a piano though. The latest songs he has learned are The Fray:how to save a life, something by James Blunt, any Coldplay tune.

Yep, still does and always will melt my heart when he sings. . .


Mike said...

C-bass, you melt my heart. You are soooooo hot! Why am I not gay....DANG IT!!!

elizabeth kartchner said...

Ha ha! Very funny Mike!:))

Sarah said...

Good to hear from you! And I will take the botox thing as a compliment?! Didn't know you were such a musician! that's awesome. Any word on our ten year?
take care

wowschow said...

I know that this is a super old post, but I just have to tell you that my husband plays guitar and piano too and also plays how to save a life, James Blunt, and Coldplay. Weird!