Sunday, July 8, 2007

An Angel Among Us
My little sis is serving a mission in Columbus, Ohio and is kicking some extreme Gentile Butt! The ward members of her last area called her, "Super Brown" and even made her a cape to wear! She writes us every week and has amazing stories and experiences to share that keep us close to the action. She has trained every companion she has had since her trainer, and rumor has it that she is teaching Lebron James...jk. Even though she has worked hard every day and smashed all missionary teaching records, she still asked in her last letter, "What could I do to go out with a bang?!"
It is amazing the spirit I feel through her letters. I can't even explain how much she has changed my life with her example to me of service and love. I am so proud of her strength-she is fearless!
She only has 4 months left and we have missed her dearly. But know she was born to be a missionary and is in the right place! I love her so much!!
This is one of my favorite stories she sent us because it reminds me that miracles still happen and that God brings to pass His will through each of us! So don't overlook the swans in your path. . .
"I had quite the experience the other day:)
Let's see it was Sunday after church and we were going to a 3:00 appt. On the way we passed a lake with a swan sitting on the ice I giggled to myself and thought, "How funny that looks this giant swan just chillin' on some ice." Anyway, we drove by and I felt impressed to take a picture of this swan. Knowing me of course I had forgotten my camera so I asked my companion if she had hers. We had time and she had her camera so we turned around to take a picture. I was sitting there enjoying 3 swans when all a sudden I hear someone screaming. (My companion got this part on camera) Anyways, I turn my head and said "NO WAY!!" I couldn't believe my eyes. Across the lake was a boy that fell through the ice he had tried to walk across it. "DAH NO I thought to myself WHAT IS HE DOING??" I had already started running my little heart out. There was absolutely no one else around. I very much did not want to have to jump in the water for 2 reasons:
1) It's so against the rules 2) IT WAS FREEZING COLD!!
But I was the only one around. I was running towards him carefully watching him. He for some stupid reason was swimming towards the center of the lake. So I screamed to him, "Buddy don't worry you'll be okay just keep moving and swim towards me okay." He did but was starting to move slower and was turning white. "OH GREAT," I thought to myself. SO I got in thankgoodness it wasn't too deep and dragged him out of the lake. I propped him up against me and took off his coat and sweater. I kept asking him questions but he wasn't answering me. So I just took off all his clothes (except his underwear of course) and put my coat on him and my comps coat I took off my boots and put them on his feet. (By the way mom they are 100% waterproof :) )

We took him home. I tried to teach his Mom about the Book of Mormon but she wasn't having it :) I taught her anyway :) Oh man that was so much fun I will never forget that poor kids face. He was about 8 years old. Moral of the story: Try to always capture on camera a swan sitting on the ice. You never know what will happen. "

These photos were taken right before she saw the boy in the ice!


The LeRoy's said...

Oh my word! i had no idea Ashely went on a mission!!! She is one cute missionary! i bet all the boy's on the mission have a hard time concentrating! I think that is so neat that she did that! She has no fear! i don't think i could have done that. She is amazing. You have got such a strong family! i have always thought that!


Izzy Hummel said...

just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and your scraps!
Best wishes for your sister and your family!

Lindsey Lee said...

So it is news to me that Ashley is on a mission!! And to be saving lives, literally, can she be more awesome?! She is amazing and so dang cute!! Tell her i say hello when you write her next!! P.S. you can burrow produce from my garden anytime!

Dana Dastrup said...

Wow our little Ashley is AMAZING!! She is truly an angel... Always has been mine and now she can be to others! I am SO EXCITED for her to come home and I can't believe that she only has 4 months left!! Maybe we can go cause some trouble.. no I am just kidding We won't do that... he he he!! I don't know if you got my last message, but I would love if I could get her email or even her address... I have had a letter to send to her for so long, now everything is just old news, but I would love to write her again. If you don't get a chance to send it to me that is fine, but can you please tell her hi and that I love her!! My email is or you can even call me 735-9672!!

elizabeth said...

dana, i just emailed and i'll post her address here too.
12 W. Northwood Drive
Apt. #30
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

matt + lindy said...'s Lindy. I happened upon your blog and I was so happy to see Ashley's cute face! I love her! Thanks for posting that story. That is such a neat story. I can't believe she is coming home so soon! Missions fly by. But it looks like she is doing amazing! I'm excited to see her!!! Hope all is well for you. Your little girl is darling!

rebokbeck said...

that is the most amazing story, but it doesn't suprise me because ashley is so selfless and truely cares about people:)