Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Collin!!

Avery and I want to wish Collin a Happy Birthday!!
We have been at a family reunion that we helped Camille and Matt host at Sundance. Most of the family was from California and back East. So many of my family members told me how much they love Collin and are so happy he is part of our family! He was the opening act of our talent show, that I too got dragged into, where I played a girl on a blind date with Borat! click here. He was hilarious in his wig and mustache that I was laughing so hard on stage! He also sang and played the piano to a Coldplay song. Avery and I are so blessed to get to laugh and hear his musical talents everyday.
It's a worldwide fact that he is funny, he makes me laugh everyday-which keeps me sane. But I also love how he leaves an impression on everyone he meets; kids meet him once and never forget him! I love his dedication to Avery and me; he would sacrifice anything to make us happy. I love his desire to be a righteous Priesthood bearer. I love that we want to spend all our spare time together. I love his yummy breakfasts, "sweet dreams" at night, and every second in between.
We love him so much!! Happy 27th Birthday Coll!


Mary and Ryan said...

Happy Birthday Collin!! I am so happy you found such a great husband, and yes it is a worldwide fact that he is FUNNY!!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

first, do you laugh at his musical talents? second, i don't want to hear about your "sweet dreams" at night!!! jk forever. Happy Birthday collin. Hope it's a great one!

Tanya Kimball said...

Collin- Happy 27th! I agree with the comment above and the "sweet dreams"! lol! Sounds like you guys spent alot of time with your cute family for his birthday. What could be better?

elizabeth said...

get your heads out of the gutter:) every night since we've been married collin says "sweet dreams" before i go to sleep... but now that you mention it...:)

ps my blog is still G rated:)

The LeRoy's said...

Happy birthday Collin. Hope it was a great one!

charkartch said...

Happy Birthday, Coll! I hope it was great. I agree. He is by far one of the funniest people ever! You're amazing!! Have done so well for yourself and your cute family! Keep up the hard work and play!!
love you,

Kit said...

How much more dismal the world would have been without Collin Kartchner in it for the past 27 years? !

You are one of those rare and special people who has always managed to love life even during times of hardship. . .And you've always been a bright spot for al of us who love you, and even for those who just know you. What am I saying? To know you, IS to love you!

My zesty little baby turned into such an awesome Man!

I love you so much. . . your Momma