Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Voice

Do you Recognize this guy? Don Lafontaine is Liz's great Uncle who she has been close to since birth. We just hung out with him and his awesome family (Nita, Skye, and Liisi) at our family reunion. We had an auction to raise money for the next reunion and Don auctioned off a recording session for your answering machine or anything else! We got outbid : ( ....but then he turned to Liz and said he'd do ours anyways! He's done every voiceover for all the major movies, TV commercials for Fox, NBC, American Idol, etc...and of course, this awesome Geico commercial. We love him and his fam! Despite the fame they are so warm and down to earth.

Saying Goodbye! Hope to see you guys again soon!


Mary and Ryan said...

That is so cool!!!Im going to have to call your phone just to hear it!!Your family reunions are always so fun!!!

Mike said...

Don is the MAN! I checked out his website and watched his videos, the man definitely does not lack confidence. Happy anniversary you two. You're awesome.

Amy Hummel said...

Bawhaaaaaaa.... I did he do your recording machine???? I'd totally love to hear it! That's awesome!!!