Friday, November 30, 2007

martha would be proud

How come men have a hard time asking for directions and women have a hard time reading them? I was so excited about getting crafty with my iron-on decal that I didn't read the simple instructions on how to actually iron it on. Just when I thought I'd failed with my crafty skills-Voila-it turned out really cute!

Have you seen Nicole's book yet? It is so fun! I've also made a cute calendar and Christmas tags. All you do is print them out. She did all the hard work for us.
Check out the free downloads here.
Update: In case you were losing sleep over it-we found a paci!! Thanks for your concern;)


Hayley said...

Very cute iron on!!!! And Im glad you found the paci....we dont have to call child services, LOL!!!!


charity said...

I, too, have not read the full directions for an iron-on, but my mess up was a disaster! Glad yours still turn out adorable!!

Lyndsie Field said...

i loved the free downloads!! thanks! :)

Cassie said...

Oh, I remember the "paci" days, that's what we called it, too.
Fortunately, my son lost the last one right before he turned two and never went back to them. Once in a while I still find one in an unexpected place!
Love the decal, it turned out great.
I just heard Nicole's DCL interview about that book - thanks for the download link.

Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

I wish I was as crafty as you liz. I really need to pick up some skills!

Mary and Ryan said...

Did she make the cookies too!!!

Amy Hummel said...

Congrats on finding the paci again! And way to make Martha proud! Where do you find time for all this crafty fun-ness?

And visit here ( to really throw yourself into a Christmas mood!

Francis Family said...

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been! Your little girl is darling! I loved the missing pacifier picture- we have a few of those as well! Good to hear from you, keep in touch

Francis Family said...

Wow I can't believe how long it's been. Your little girl is darling. We have had a few tears over lost pacifiers as well! It's great to hear from you, keep in touch

Jess Perry said...

Loved the downloads. Thanks for them and the great idea!!

inara said...

That is a totally cute iron-on. I love your playlist, I listen to it while I scrapbook!

5575 Hwy 1 said...

I think we are up to at least 21 missing pacifiers. We just keep buying more.

Britmellen said...

EEK! This is so cute! Maybe I will make Creed one with the robot design on it. ;)