Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I was tagged by Britney to post 7 random things about me...
And do you remember this post? We should do that again-so comment with some random things about you too!

Count 'em down:

7. I love frosting. At birthday parties I am the one sneaking a taste from the side of the cake.
6. I love Will Ferrell!! Have you watched Elf yet this season? Please do! "Santa's coming!!! I know him! I know him!!"
5. I have a scar by my eye from a wakeboarding accident. Does that mean I am hard core?
4. I eat a toasted turkey, avocado, & tomato sandwich almost everyday and never get sick of it.
3. I doodle on everything. If I am holding a pen I will scribble on whatever is in front of me.
2. My first car was a bright blue Ford Escort that beeped as loud as a dump truck when it reversed. I wouldn't park anywhere that I couldn't pull straight out of.
1. I am the lightest sleeper. If someone is snoring within a 10 mile radius -I can't sleep.
I'm Tagging: Noel, Amy, Ingunn, Stephanie, Samantha, Chrissiesz, Em, Camille, Holly, Cassie, Emily, Christen, Latrice, Mommamin, Joscie, Ashley, Tanya

Now it's Collin's turn:
7. Uh...my chin slants to the right.
6. I fold up receipts as small as I can before I put them in my pocket.
5. I sleep with one leg hanging off the bed...Marty McFly style.
4. I can pound ice-cream like it's oxygen.
3. I speak Chinese and Spanish...Da Jia hao?
2. I played "Oliver" in a county play because I was the only 12 year old who could sing like a girl.
1. I use Tabasco Sauce for eye-drops. (just making up for #2)


Anonymous said...

Fun, fun... love Elf!!!

I have a scar above my eye where my dog bit me when I was two... and a bunch on the left side of my face (not very noticable, thankfully) and left arm from a car accident... in my first car, a Ford Escort (white though!).

I'm addicted to Target's bargain bin!

I hate doing the white load of laundry... all the little socks are cute, but... aaahhhh!

My scrap room is a disaster (I know that my kids are in here somewhere!), but my friends ask me for organization advice!?

I have every fortune that I've ever gotten from a cookie.

I have a pink chair in my scrap room... love IKEA!

I am a sucker and give my son his pacifier when he wants it (don't tell my husband!).

Have fun reading all of the fun comments people leave. You've got some interesting "followers"!


Anonymous said...

i've never been happier than i am right now, even though i can't sleep at night, i have perpetual heartburn, and my back feels like a truck has run over it. but hubs and i are waiting for a precious Easter baby girl, so i'm elated!


Michelle said...

I love ELF! We haven't watched all of it yet this season but it's on our list of Christmas things to do :)

My random fact: I am obsessed with Harry Potter!!!

shannon said...

Hi! This is Shannon. I clicked on your blog from Shanna's. I didn't want to be a "lurker" so I thought I'd say hi. :)
Your blog is darling and CONGRATS on the scrapbooker of the year contest!
It doesn't surprise me :)
(I think the last time I ran into you was at Pebbles in My Pocket) ha!

Amy Hummel said...

Thanks for the tag! My list is on my blog.

And I'm swimming in Christmas Cards. So if you want one, e-mail me your addy.

emily said...

my jaw is on the floor...you tagged me??? i couldn't friggin' believe it! thanks...and beautiful picture!!

Heather Telford said...

So no joke.... I eat a avocado and tomato sandwich everyday almost!!! SO FUNNY!!!

Mike said...

For some odd reason I feel resonsible for the scar on your head from wakeboarding...why is that?

After Hoochie made her mark on you, Collin and I had to put her down, she was a danger to society...bad hoochie!


Samantha said...

LOL! Both you and Collin have very funny random facts. I can't sleep when my husband is snoring, and if I dare say, I won't be getting any sleep tonight! Bummer.

stephanie said...

Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color???
Loved reading your 7, I'll do this on my blog on my next post.
p.s. love the beautiful picture of you.

Mary and Ryan said...

I love Elf too! Collin, the tobasco sauce in the eye for sure makes up for #2.

Lindsey Lee said...

Very fun! I love those sandwiches too! Hey, so your sister is the cutest thing in the world. She spoke in my ward on sunday and i really wanted to send her a little card. Do you have her address or can i send it to you? if you wouldn't mind, you can email to me...

camille said...

I love the list because I know some of these things.
To make you even more hard core

didn't you drive yourself to the hospital and didn't tell any of us in till mom noticed.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth - I've been wondering... Where did you get your top that you were wearing on the cover of the January CK? Or is there somewhere I can find one similar?

Andrea - andreamette@yahoo.com

lexsmama said...

Love your random 7! I guess tobasco in the eye makes up for #2. :-)

Hmmm... random facts..

I still have the bear my Mimie made me when I was two. He goes everywhere with me. (He's in the car outside my building at work right now. lol.)

I'm a nail biter and I can't quit. Ergh.

I will only eat vietnamese egg rolls. If it had cabbage, it's not a real egg roll to me.

My favorite color is purple, and sometimes pink.

I now have a duck named Herbert that was given to me on my wedding day. Michael couldn't marry me until I got one. lol.

Have a great day! :-)

Tales from the Crib said...

I must know -- what camera do you use?? Your pictures are beautiful!

elizabeth said...

I use the Canon Rebel XTi!

Ally0005 said...

I love to eat a coke float in bed at night.

elizabeth said...

I'm glad so many people like the sweater dress tunic thingy I'm wearing on the cover. It's from Nordstrom made by 'Free People'.

Christa said...

1. I can recite all the presidents in order
2. My birthday is on friday. I dont like being a december baby.
3. I cant wait to be a mom
4. I must make sure all of my cereal in the bowl has touched milk before I can take a bite.
5. I dont like when my food touches on the plate.
6. I take my pillow with me if I am sleeping somewhere other than my bed. Its been to italy, spain, south africa, and all over the US
7. Seven is alot of random things to think of, its one less than my favorite number 8.

Ashley said...

It was fun to read your random things. Thanks for tagging me. I posted these on my blog, but will also post them here:

1. I have 64 journals. I started keeping a journal when I was eight and haven't stopped. It's fun to look back and "read myself."
2. I was a nanny in Minnesota for nine months after I graduated from high school.
3. Most of my life I thought that if I kept the car running while filling up my gas tank the car would explode. I know now this is not the case, but still usually turn the car off anyway.
4. I hate morning breath so much that even if I wake up in the night for a few minutes, I usually go and brush my teeth before I am able to fall back asleep.
5. I have never seen all of Star Wars all the way through.
6. I really don't like ground meat of any kind. Not a fan.
7. I have lived in six states and two countries.

chrissiesz said...

Geez, You tagged ME? I'm so new to this blog thing that I'm not even sure I'm in the right place!LOL
Okay here goes...

1. Music moves me in so many ways, I cry during sad songs all the time.
2. My fave numbers are 7 and 17, they bring me luck all the time.
3. I had my first child at 35.( now-3 under 5yrs. YIKES!)
4. I graduated college at 21.
5. I have to have a frosty glass of milk and 4 oreos before bed.
6. I love moose and ladybugs.
7. Throughout my entire high school career I wore a red heart-shaped pin that said, "I GIVE HUGS!"

Cassie said...

I've been tagged! How fun is this.
I'll do mine on my next blog post, too. So glad someone asked about that tunic thingy...really cute!
Oh and I have a scar in my hairline (used to be on my forehead but moved up as I grew) from falling into a brook when I was 3.

Lindsayb-mo said...

Your blog is soooo fun! I LOVE Elf! It is one of my most favorite movies ever.
I look forward to visiting often!


Kim said...

i have been a lurker for awhile, but this was too funny...gorgeous picture and a funny husband too!

Latrice said...

Colin is hilarious. LOL!! Check out mine on my blog.

Fuller Family said...

Love the List! I am just the same with frosting! LOVE IT! And we love the movie Elf. It is such a funny, great, holiday film.

We'll see you soon.

noel joy said...

thanks for the tag... posted mine on my blog...

did i tell you stan has a blog now?

lol! i laughed so hard when i saw elf... and my first car was a ford escort, too. two-tone brown '82 ford escort... high class ride, baby!!!

tell your man (who sings like a little girl) hello for me. :)

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Elizabeth, this is SUCH a pretty picture of you!!!

collin said...

That was before puberty Noel!! I now do all the movie trailer voice overs..."In a world where you must fight to survive...one man, one desire..." My voice is so deep sometimes I scare myself. Please don't tell stan.

Jackie said...

Those are random...but i LOVE the picture of you...very nice

Noel's mom :)

3QTGUYS said...

Oh, Elf. I love that. Sometimes, we go around the house....."I love you, I love you, I loooooooove you!"

Ashley, that is so funny. I brush my teeth if I ever wake up from my sleep too! Crazy. I know.

I have a crazy quirk. If I pour a bowl of cereal, for me, the boys..or whoever, I instinctively grab the first bite dry. How weird. I know.

Way random. I can't eat a hot dog. Can't even cook them. The thought is just awful.

noel joy said...

lol! i never knew that was you... wow! you have really restored my faith in your manhood... lol!!!

and all my husband does is fly planes over the ocean patrolling enemy territory with some of the engines shut down! ;)

Stan said...

It takes a real man to sing like a girl! Collin...you don't need to cover up who you are with tabasco sauce. Be proud of your God given talents...oh and keep the Halloween mustache...you know...it looks manly! ;-D

Rock'nmama said...


1. I hate toamtoes
2. I have an M.A (Counseling Psychology) but have no desire to work in that field. *sigh*
3. I have 5 siblings.
4. I want another baby SO bad...hubs says, "no".
5. Before I met the hubs I used to hate chocolate. I know. FREAK!
6. I can not open my eyes under water.
7. I don't like my food to touch each other on my plate (OCD?) hehe I know, I know...it's all going to the same place.

Cassie said...

Mine are up on my blog!

Mollie said...

Love you blog! I thought I'd comment because I just realized something about myself today that's a little um...strange:o) I love, love, love thin (paper-thin) pieces of cheddar cheese! Kind of random, huh?

Tiffany Hewlett said...

"Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?" Love it!!!
-something random about me-not too random, but I have a bit of an announcement today on my blog!
Lovin reading your blog as always!

Tales from the Crib said...

I owe you a debt of thanks! My husband found my Google of the camera you mentioned that you use. He went out and bought me a new Pentax Digital SLR as an early Christmas present the next day! Not the same one you mentioned but it is a phenomenal camera! I'm somewhat intimidated by it but so excited to learn. Thank you!