Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the challenge

A couple years ago I remember seeing a challenge by the amazingly talented digital scrapbooker Rhonna Farrer where you choose a goal and everyday for 21 days you scrapbook a quote to help you achieve it. I was excited to see that she was doing it again and I had to join in! Since this trading card holder has been staring blank at me for months and months I figured I might as well start by filling it up with amazing quotes and my 21 day journey to reach my personal goal. If you know me I am always up for a challenge and love setting goals for myself. Remember this article for Creating Keepsakes? Although I am juggling a lot right now I thrive for this daily inspiration in my life! You should join in on this uplifting journey!

A couple of my favorite quotes Rhonna chose are:

"Let us all try to stand a little taller, rise a little higher, be a little better. Make the extra effort. You will be happier." Gordon B. Hinckley
"Put yourself in a state of mind where you say to yourself,'Here is an opportunity for you to celebrate like never before, my own power, my own ability to get myself to do whatever is necessary.'" Anthony Robbins
and especially Day One's goal that was exactly what I needed to hear to fill me with excitement for the challenge!
"Create inspiring, noble, and righteous goals that fire your imagination and create excitement in your heart." Jospeph B. Wirthlin


Anonymous said...

Sounds totally FUN. Love your idea with the spinner and the quotes. Please share your finished product with us k??

Ally's Corner said...

I love quotes!!!!!! Cool idea.

Laura Looooo said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how much this blog post and the link to the CK article reminded me of myself in a million little ways..

1st off... I love quotes... I have an altered quote notebook that I made from when I worked at a scrapbook store at home in Buffalo. It is filled with all of my fav quotes...

then... I looked at the goals you had written down....

every December I do the same thing... and I always draw stars as little bullets.

Without a doubt you are my scrappin hero!

LUCY said...

name suggestion......LUCY! I counted and there were 4 on the previous post, so now there are 5. I'm sure it's the best name (just a little biased:;-) I met you at CHA with Gretchen and the other girls from Scrap Etc. I'm pretty sure you agreed to come to our event!

I need to do this project. I love inspiring quotes!

noel joy said...

oh liz! that's such a great idea for the 7 gypsies card holder! i have one that's been staring at me too. tfs!

Marie said...

Okay, so maybe totally random, but I have a proposition for you. I am Mikey Miller's cousin. I found you via their blog about 9 mos ago. Love you! So happy for you!

Anyway, my sisters and some friends and I go to a scrapbook retreat a couple of times a year, always over General Conference weekend. Well this time we are two people short and are scrounging to find some totally awesome chicks to come with us...and well...you qualify!

Drop me an email if you are interested. It is only 3 weeks away and you would totally be a great addition! If you want more info, the website is www.scrapaway.com. All meals and snacks are provided (and cooked for you), bedding, etc. As well as a stocked scrapbook area where you can just create for 72 hours with 11 other great LDS gals as we gossip and listen to conference...usually not all at the same time..

so email me. marie.moser@comcast.net

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

I love all the stuff you make. Where do you get that cute trading card holder? Do you mind emailing me?


Thanks I would love it!

Mindy said...

awesome people to quote!;)
Have 'em on my fridge, never thought of my scrap room... or a layout! thanks for the idea!

Melissa allred said...

cute liz. Love the idea thanks for sharing! Avery is getting so big! She so dang cute. I want to squish her cheeks!

Kristen said...

Liz!!! I love this! I love quotes! They have always been so helpful for me when I have gone through hard times or needed a lift. I think they can mentally spiritually and physically get you in a place were you can achieve anything you want! I love your idea of having daily quotes to inspire you to be the best you can be! You are amazing!

Some of my favorite quotes are from Maya Angelou

"God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us-in the drearest and most dreaded moments-can see a possibility of hope."

"Hope does not take away your problems. It can lift you above them."

"We are living art, created to hang on, stand up, forbear, continue and encourage others."

Latrice said...

Great idea. You are such a well rounded person already. You seem to get inspiration from everything. How to you keep it all in order girl? Keep up the great work.

joscelyne cutchens said...

that is cool. I have a filled up with blank cards and dividers ATC carousel. okay, there are 3 made cards, the rest blank. what a great idea~

Anonymous said...

I swear that sometimes you and I are one... The song playing on your blog... it's on a commericial on TV... LOL... and I thought, "I should go find that song and put it on my blog." And then I come here, and there it is!!!

I love the layouts and challenges you've been posting. I've had a hard time keeping up since my new little one arrived last week.

I hope everything is still going great with you!

TTYL! Amy...

Kimberly said...

What an AWESOME idea and I LOVE those quotes too! xoxo
Thanks for sharing and inspiring...I left you some love over at my blog too darlin!

Unused Account said...


Now where can I find 21 quotes about becoming less fat!


Anonymous said...

Cool idea. I have a quote book...lots of scriptures and quotes organized by topic.
I do like this however...hmmm.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this!!!! You are so freakin' fab...your 21 Challenge ATC holder is amazing!

amy said...

saw your link on rhonna's 21 challenge. (i'm her lil' sister). what a great idea to use the atc holder in the 21 challenge! love it.
and- love your music too. :)