Monday, May 12, 2008

random post on a monday morning

My new toy from Collin. I've been wanting a remote for my camera for a while now & I'm excited to take some fun pictures with it! So watch out!:)

There are actually 6 girls in this picture if you count the one in my belly and my older sis's. I hope Mothers everywhere had a happy day yesterday! I'm so grateful for my mom. She's such an amazing woman who's persevered through it all! And for Collin's momma for being a great friend and raising an incredible man!

We had fun at the park over the weekend. Avery can definitely give you a run for your money! And is helping daddy train for his triathlon next month.

She relaxed her little leggies on a swing for a minute.

"Are you done taking a picture so I can get down and play now?"


amy hummel said...

Have fun with that remote girl! My remote is how I took maternity pictures of myself... if you remember from way back when.

I can't wait to see how creative you get with it!

I actually got a really sweet camera bag for mothers day! I'm so excited because it's one that I've been wanting for a long time now! I'm hoping to get a pic of it today so that I can post it on my blog!


joscelyne cutchens said...

I just changed the batteries on my remote. it is sooo much fun! :) love the pictures! Glad to hear you had a great mother's day!

Sara Ancich said...

Happy "last year being the mother of just one" Mother's Day!

I love Avery's flowers...did you make them?

Ericka said...

I totally forgot that I wanted a remote for my camera!!! definitely asking for my b-day! have fun & you are looking gorgeous! :)

Holly said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!!! You are lookin so cute with your prego belly and all!
So, Collin needs to have a little talk with Damon about getting me a remote! What a fun toy!!!

Jess Perry said...

Happy Mother's Day Liz!! Avery is getting so big! She is adorable and I love your cute little belly!

Ami said...

I am very sorry I speak English very badly.
Thank you for your comments :):)
Is a remote control for the camera? I love photography!
That your beautiful girl, I am a teacher, so I step very well with all my childrens

noel joy said...

i love, love, love my remote. yeah for you and your new toy! have lots of fun with that. especially in the last few weeks of the bump! :)

happy mother's day!

Dana Dastrup said...

Liz I just wanted to tell you good luck with having your next baby girl!! I am sure she will be just as cute as Avery!! I can't wait to see pictures!!

Maria said...

awesome pics. as always :-) have fun with the new toy!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, too funny. One of my sons (who I took to see Ironman this weekend) saw the picture of you with your remote and it scared him to death. If you haven't seen Ironman, there is a similar-looking thing in the movie that paralyzes people and makes all the veins in their head protrude. His reaction was hysterical. Promise though, I convinced him you are not evil and simply excited about a camera remote! : )

Hayley said...

I can't wait to get a remote. maybe Ill get one while Im in Florida.

happy mother's day!!


Hayley said...
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April F said...


I just stumbled upon your blog...ok well I really googled you!!! (Your famous bty!!!)

I learned of your work when you received Scrapbooker of the Year (congrats!!)

I'm 25 so its nice to find a scrapper I can relate to!! I really love reading your blog, Collin may be the perfect man!! Its impossible for me to get my boyfriend to take any pictures to scrap, how do you do it??!!

Kass Martin said...

happy birthday. How fun. Collin sure put all husbands to shame with his reasons of loving you. You guys are a great match. Nothing can top a perfect birthday like David Beckham! Yummy! Um, I mean the dessert!

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

That has to be so much fun being pregnant at the same time as your sister! Your blog is so cute and creative, Liz. I'm excited to see the new baby posts! Your countdown says it's getting really close! Congrats on that and Happy Belated Birthday :)

Latrice said...

Avery looks about as tall as my daughter. She's growing fast. And you look fabulous to be pregnant. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Hayley said...

What kind of remote did you get? What kind of camera is it for?



Libby said...


Wondering if you would be kind enough to provide some advise. As posted on my blog, long story short, my 17 month old has thrown my camera away. It's like a piece of me is missing. I'm empty inside and have to make a BIG purchase. Would you please give me your $.02 on which camera you would recommend? And I'd be interested in the remote info - that's just TOO cool!! :)

Thanks in advance from another Elisabeth!