Tuesday, June 16, 2009

...only in Puerto Rico

Just got back from the pool, while the kiddos are napping, I thought this was the opportune moment to throw some blog love out to the world wide web.

Puerto Rico was ah-maze-ing. Collin and I arrived a couple days before the event to hang out at the beach, eat yummy food and basically just relax. It was kinda tricky to switch gears from our regular routine of go-go-go... but definitely worth it. We missed our little munchkins so much but they were having fun with Auntie Charity, Auntie Mimi, Yaya, and Gigi. Thanks a million for taking care of them!

With out further ado... meet my friend Yamille:
Yamille is the owner of the Memory Box store and ran the Puerto Rico scrapbook event I taught at. I met her a couple years ago at CHA and was thrilled when she asked if I would teach at her first event. We've been emailing and chatting on the phone but I didn't know how spunky and fun this girl was... she makes the Energizer bunny tired. I've never laughed so hard than when she jumped on one of the tables while singing karaoke at the crop! :) She put so much heart into this event and helped unite scrapbookers all over their little island to make one big family. Thanks for everything Yamille!

More photos of the event... Collin & Camille were my TAs. Loved the students' enthusiasm & meeting bloggies! Thanks for the sweet gifts & laughs. It was a blast.

Where will you find scrapbookers dancing to macarena when they win a Silhouette?
... only in Puerto Rico!
Where will you find scrapbookers lip syncing Ricky Martin when their name is drawn for a prize?

... only in Puerto Rico! Can't wait until next year.

Next stop on the event express is::: CKU Provo


Sara Ancich said...

Sounds like you got a 2-fer...In Disneyland terms that means "two for one"...a vacation with Collin as well as some super fun scrappin' time...Doew it get any better??? I wouldn't know!

Yamil said...

Hi Elizabeth!!

It was an amazing experience having you here in Puerto Rico!! I was part of the MB staff and took your class on sunday wich was awesome!! Yamille indeed is a unique girl!! She loves what she do, she loves scrapbooking and she is simply an amazing friend!

We are so glad you liked Puerto Rico! Thank you both for beeing so sweet and kind with all of us!! See you next year!!! ...Only in Puerto Rico!

Lizacamellia said...

Hi Lizzy!

One of my Scrap buddies just called to let me know that we were on one of your blog photos! (I'm the one with the flower Headband), and I wanted to let you know how much I liked your class on Saturday at the Puerto Rico Convention.

Not only did I enjoyed the event altogether, but also the chance to have met you and Colin both. Hope you had a great time in the island, and hope to see you next year!



IPS said...
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Chary said...

Hi Elizabeth!
Having the class with you on Saturday was one of the most amazing and unique experiences I ever had. Thanks for being so nice and such a great teacher...thanks also Collin for being the best helper...I had so much fun with you two! I can't wait until next year! I'm so happy that both of you had a great time here in Puerto Rico.
See you on the next one...here...where else?...Only in Puerto Rico!

Mandi said...

awww I want to go! :)

Kayra said...

Dear Lizzy

After reading ypur blog for such a long time (and never imagining I would take your class), I finally got the chance to meet you last Saturday. The classes were awesome, loved the techniques, Lenka, Collin and everything about the Event! I'm glad you enjoyed our lovely island..and of course the super talented and lovely Yamille. I hope to see you next year. Next time..bring the kiddos and make your stay an even longer one!


cindy said...

Your trip looked like a riot of fun! Leave it to the Puerto Ricans to be enthusiastically up beat. :D

Sophia said...

OMG I almost die of what you said that Yamille makes tired the energyzer bunny!!!! She is amazing!!! We are all proud of her!

Lizzy thank for been a great teacher for all us and having a lot of fun time ... Can not wait until next year!!!

travelingmama said...

Looks like an absolute blast!!

Margie said...

Thanks for your words about us and our Beautiful Island...You are awesome and Collin too...Yamillet always is like that...Next year I will love to take classes with fabric....YEAHHHHHHHHHH

Myra said...

Elizabeth... Yessssssssssss.... Only in Puerto Rico... I'm glad you like it!
You are such a sweet person and your husband a very nice guy! Thanks for sharing your personality and your talent with us. I was part of the class in Sunday and had a wonderful time! We are already looking forward to next year's event (or maybe sooner hahaha)... I've got pictures with you and your autograph! It's been an honor.
Yamille is a great girl... such an energy you won't find in too many people.
Thanks again... See ya' soon.


MariroseA said...

Hi Elizabeth:

OMG I had so much fun, It was a blast, and YES that is Yamilet, always happy, alwayas enthusiatic, and with so much energy, that's what we love about her. Thanks for a great class and tell Collin he is a great helper also. We are so happy you liked PR and hope to have you back soon.


Mimi said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank for you time, energy, enthusiatic and love. We are so very happy with you and Collin. Was great time! See next year!



Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Barbara and I had a lot of fun on Saturday. I went with my two daughters and they had a lot of fun too. Yamille is full of energy i really don't know how she can do it. She always helps us in the store and in her classes. I am very proud of her because she put our PR very up. We are small island but huge in energy and good people. Hope you had the same fun and great memories as we.

Barbara Ortiz

Limary said...

Hola Elizabeth!!!!!

It was amazing! I had so much FUN last Saturday. Thanks for sharing you time and talent with us. Collin and you are Awesome!!!! Hope to see you soon!!!!!! I Can't wait until next year :D !

un beso y un abrazo
desde Puerto Rico


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth and Collins!!!
We enjoy and learned a lot...was a blast having both of you here in PR!!! You inspired us to create...
Scrapbooking Freaks...
Zailee, Mara, Maryann

Carm Hernandez said...

Sounds like you had tons of fun. Love the decor of the stage, what a great idea. Is there a water feature??

Ann-Marie said...

You girls are all so cute! I love all the pretty dresses, aprons, and headbands going on! :) Looks like fun!

Emmaly said...

Hi Elizabeth!!!

Having you and Collin in P.R. and also attending to such nice class that you gave us on Sunday was an amazing experience for me. You guys are very special persons with a unique sense of humor. God Bless You Both!!!

Thanks for your creativity and share with us a little bit of your time. You're the best!! I hope to see you again...Very Soon!!

And, Where you can find scrapbook friends and have some FUN?? ONLY IN PUERTO RICO ♥ ;-)


Emmaly said...
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Emmaly said...
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Anonymous said...

I love Puerto Ricans! Of course I'm biased since my cute son is PR. Glad you had a great time with them. Ok, so could you do us a huge favor and PLEASE PLEASE tell us ONE MORE TIME where you get your incredible flower headbands? I believe you said it was an Etsy site, but I can't remember. You look darling, as always!

Maritery said...

Elizabeth, for me it was a pleasure to meet you and Collin. You are an excellent couple. Thanks for all your techniques and your knowledge, you are a wonderful teacher. God bless your family. Thanks for everything!!! See U next year. :) ONLY IN Puerto Rico Enjoy your family trip to Hawaii.

Gladys said...

Hi Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you and Collin for the wonderful time we had on Saturday only in Puerto Rico. My lord, Collin was competing with Yamille. He also carries the energizers with him. He was extremely helpful during the event. You two make an awesome team. Thank you for your tips, ideas, and creativity. If I were to use adjectives to describe the event, I would say it was extraordinary, excellent, magnificent, phenomenal, incredible, singular, and fabulous just to mention some. The truth is Yamille and Juanca are something else. Let's see what they have for us next year. Whatever it is I hope they include you. Take care.

ENID said...


Anonymous said...

I really had a blast during the event, specially the class on saturday, the new techniques you taught us I hope to use them again soon :) You are a really sweet gal, and your husband is as helpful as one can be.

Hope to see you again and share more memories.


Lucy said...

Dear Lizzy:
Thanks for coming over.. and thanks to Yamillet too! I loved your class and learned a lot from your techniques; (fresh and cool ideas on how to scrap my memories!). I look forward to the monthly scrapnight with my girlfriends to put into use all I have learned. Hope to see you & Collins next year. Ah... keep being yourself!

Glory said...

I am very happy for all, and thank you Elizabeth and thank you Yamille...

Glory said...

Hi, I have 10 years doing Scrapbook, and I have my room of Scrapbook. I buy my first album in the store Michael´s in Carolina, but sometimes I have not ideas to continue doing. But after Saturday I was able to draw further strength and willingness to continue and I am very happy about that. I have a facebook group is called the Adictos al Scrapbook, that all you want to be, this welcome. Elizabeth I congratulate you for visiting and have a super husband who supports you in what you like and that is very good. Yamillet Like you, I am glad that you can make this great event. I am not going to your store because i am from Carolina but if you need my help for the next event you know you have my support for what you want. My email is gloriglow77@hotmail.es. Thanks and thanks Yamillet Ely

Renée said...

Elizabeth and Collin

Thank you for the wonderful time and for being so sweet teaching us the classes. I'm really impressed with the scrapbooking knowledge of Collin. He is a value asset! Next time you need more time for enjoying the beautiful places that PR has to offer. See you soon.

nannette said...

Hi Liz & Collin
Me & my friends Lucy, Kim P. & Kim H. had a wonderful time at the Scrapbook Event in PR. I was very excited about it when I heard about it a few months back. The whole Event was absolutely WOW, more WOW than what I thought ; I felt like a kid on Christmas morn !!!Everything was so much fun specially the Crop Party. I was "singing" with Collin
that Queen song.(He also surprised us with his Spanish singing).
We attended your class on Sunday & WOW(again!),it was very nice to
follow along your fantastic seminar sharing your art & tricks!!! Thanks to Yamille & Juanca from Memory Box for having you guys & having such a THRILLING experience. Can't wait to see you again.
Lots of love

Gloribel said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I really had a remarkable experience at the Scrapbook Event. Like you said, Yamille put so much of heart into it, and the results were more than great.

I admire you so much. Since you were elected scrapbooker of the year I had follow your blog, and I think your work is amazing. You and Collin make a perfect match. God bless you, and your familiy.

Hope you can fill the (PR-Butterfly) mini-album with sweet memories.