Saturday, December 26, 2009

sock monkey & santa

I hope everyone had a very merry cozy Christmas!
We definitely had the cozy taken care of... thanks to Kit & Camille for our new jammies.

In a flash it's all over... with evidence of wrapping paper, ribbons, and smiles.

Snippets of our Christmas morning...


Rhonna Farrer said...

merry Christmas, sweets!
so happy it was fun for you all!
you all look darling!
LOVE Q's cute cute lil happy face on her 'throne'....I'm sure the girls love it!
enjoy the rest of the Christmas season!

Megan said...

Hi, I loved the book u gave me for Christmas! Thank you so much! Collin wrote "scratch n' sniff" in it! Haha!! Cute pictures and can't wait to meet you next April!

Hayley said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas!!! Hope you got everything you wanted!!!

PP you run an action on your pics, or do your own pp. Can you share the action or what you do. I love your pp. :)


Veronica said...

How SCHWEET!!! My "babies are now 16 and 13. :-( But, I did take those kind of pics also! LOL
enjoy your holiday!

ARob said...

Hi Liz!

Glad to see you had a nice Christmas! My mom gave me your book for Christmas (my fave gift) and I read through it last night (though it will not be the last). So, as I was reading through, I noticed that you scrap a lot of the little moments versus big events.

Now that I am a new mom, I have been capturing a lot more little moments too.

I was wondering if you could share a blog post about how you organize your pages/books. For example, a page about Avery and what she is into at the moment--do you put that into an album for her, or just a family album??

I would really love some insight from my favorite scrapbooker about how to best organize my books.

Thank you so much!!

Jessica said...

Merry Christmas!
Super cute girlies :)

Anonymous said...

aww everyone looks so cute!!
did santa bring you what you asked for?

{melissa} said...

looks like you had a wonderful morning :) hope the rest of your day was just as nice!

Rebekah Williams said...


Received your new book for Christmas. Opened it up tonight and didn't stop until I made it to the back cover. Incredible. Incredible!!!

I know it's already a big hit, but is sure to soar even higher.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Aims said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family a little late! Those PJ's!! What a riot, love the sock monkey ones! The cupcakes were darling too!
I spent some time reading your book for Christmas :)

Carol-Fairview Hts IL said...

Wow! Your girls are growing up so fast! They're both so beautiful. Have a happy, healthy, blessed New Year!

jamie said...

me too...was wondering what the photo action was you are using and if it was doable in pse...or what?
gorgeous family shots!!!

Dainon said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year.

Tiff said...

Love you blog.. Had a question.. WHat kind of camera do you use.. and how do you get the colors to look the way they do in these pics! They are AWESOME!!!!!! thank you!

Just Me & Z said...

LOVE your photos and your blog... thank you so much for sharing a piece of your life with the millions of us in the world! :)

Question: Where did you get Q's adorable frilly tutu skirt?? Would love to get one for my little Zoie... she's about the same age as Avery. She'd LOVE that!

Thank you for your time... I know how precious it is!