Sunday, December 26, 2010

our sugar coated home

Heres's Our Christmas card this year. My friend Rhonna made it easy with her House of 3 digital stuff!
The background of our family photo was not looking good so I used Photoshop CS5 to cut out each of us. First, I used the magnetic lasso tool to cut everyone out. Then resized it and moved everyone onto the card.

Hope you had a memorable Christmas from our sugar coated home to yours!

Ours was jam packed fun since both sides of our family are near. I will definitely spend some time today relaxing and doing absolutely nothing after all the hustle and bustle the last few days.
While we made the gingerbread house there was a tragic moment when Quincey bit the hat off the candy Frosty. Avery was crushed that his magic hat was now gone, "But how will Frosty come to life?"

I'm flattered that the Dear Lizzy + AC line made the Top 10 Collections at the Moxie Fab Blog.
Thanks so much!
Some great deals at 2 peas... including Dear Lizzy fabric paper.


elsie said...

these photos are so sweet!! ♥

Little Wheel said...

Just came back from the vote :) I love all of your collections. They are absolutely beautiful!!!

Amanda said...

That hot chocolate looks delicious! Already voted this morning :) Congrats!!

elizabeth kartchner said...

Thanks guys for voting! :)

elizabeth kartchner said...

Thanks Elsie!

Amanda, it tasted delicious too. :)


Wendy said...

I already voted for your line just before I came over to your blog. Way to your products!

sophie said...

Hi!! I know what you mean about needing to relax! celebrating christmas is wonderful but exhausting!
love the sugar house pictures!!
of course I voted for you I got ALL your paper lines!! for the first dear Lizzy line I got some items 4 times!! yeap! that is addiction! thanks for all these great products you give us!!
love from France

Nancy W said...

Voted this morning and retweeted it too, good luck I know you are sure to win!! I love your Christmas card! I used HO3 too and photos of our decor. Couldn't convince the hubby to take a photo of us for the card though, LOL. It ended up on my blog as time got away from me. Glad you guys had a wonderful holiday my sweet beautiful Spark Sister! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Veronica said...

Tell her, "the magic of Christmas will bring Frosty to life!"
Glad you had a wonderful Christmas with those dear!

rkokes said...

I voted!

nicole said...

awww I love Avery's response to Quincey eating Frosting's hat! So adorable.