Tuesday, July 26, 2011

best in the west

I love the fact that one of my best friends is 5 years old!

Yesterday we had a blast with our friends at Park City so today I am excited to have started my week in the life with Ali Edwards.
On a completely different note, my sister in law, Emily, is having her baby with in the next couple hours and my other sister is at the doctor and she is hoping he has good news for her and that her baby comes any day! yay!


So.Creative said...

Hello! What a great new for your sister in law! You'll be soon surrounded with new babies, so cool!
Yours pictures are -as usual- so beautiful, I really love them!
Take care

Veronica said...

Many blessings are abound!! Congrats!

Sara Ancich said...

such a sweet smile... and congrats to your ever-growing fam! xo

Shona said...

Such adorable pics! Your whole family is so photogenic. Congrats on the new baby(ies) in the family!

Anna said...

I love Ali Edwards creative ways to document life. Looking forward to seeing more of your project!

Jacque Fisher said...

Hey Lizzy!
I have a question for you! How do you print your pictures for your albums?? I'm having loads of trouble getting the specific sizes I want. I'm trying to print the different sizes all on 1 8X10, but everytime I send it in somewhere, they tell me that the pictures are blurry ie: the resolution isn't good. Each page I do, I run into a headache on how to get my pictures just the right size, and no pay a fortune for it. Any ideas? What do you do?