Thursday, August 18, 2011

get off our lawn

Running through sprinklers is the quintessential feeling of summer. Try doing it with out laughing... or squealing depending on how cold that hose water is. If summer were to end tomorrow we could bid farewell happily knowing that we played in sprinklers. No, that is not our house. Yes, they probably thought we were crazy.

Here is a popular question:
Dear Lizzy, I see that you use Totally Rad Photoshop actions, but I'm wondering if you bought the TRA1 or TRA2? I went through them, LOVE THEM, and now I can't decide which one I like best!
xo, Lindsay Roberts

I really enjoy running Totally Rad Actions. I use both of the packages obsessively but if I had to choose I would get the TRA:2. That has a bunch of my favorites that artistically alter your photos. The Get Faded series of actions are totally rad ;) along with Pool Party & all the sharpening tools are great. These actions run like a dream! I also really love Maggie Holmes Actions!
Q: Hi! Where do you get your crazy cute shoes? I remember from long long long ago, you posted a website where you found some fun (and not crazy expensive shoes) and I can't remember what it was! Thanks, Katie

A: Hi Katie, I can't specifically remember what shoes you are referring to but let me see if I can guide you to something crazy cute. :) The ones I am wearing in the above pic are older and were from Zappos. (Vivienne Westwood) You can find some good prices there. Another great place where I buy shoes are Ruche & Modcloth which have a selection of reasonably priced picks. Also, BC Footwear has some darling styles.

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Anonymous said...

I especially like the little heart on the sidewalk ;}

Amy said...

You are just too crazy cool!! :)

nicole said...

I love Maggie Holme's Actions. I use them all the time.

Katie said...

i think those just might be the greatest shoes ever.

Aubrey said...

magical pictures. WAY magical shoes.

Lulu said...

so cute <3

Niki said...

Very cute! :-)

I follow your blig for quite a time now and I really enjoy your work.

I'm always impressed by your shoes. Almost all of them are sooooooooo cute. But - do you just wear them for the photo shoot or do you really walk in them whole day?

love and greetings from Germany


Ruth said...

This photos... so BEAUTIFUL!
Ruth xo

Shannon Jones said...

Are you using a self timer for your photos? I've noticed you have alot of yourself on here.

Timeless Creations said...

So much fun!

Love the pictures, love the shoes!

Sarah said...

Dear Lizzy,

I think you are totally adorable. Not to mention the fact that you have the cutest kids in the entire world (I can say that because I don't have kids yet). I love your blog. It makes me so happy every time I read it. Your pictures and entries are so bright and full of life, they fill me with hope. Also, you and your husband are hi-lar-i-ous! ALSO, it's super inspirational to me that y'all are such spiritual, loving people. So, my comment is... keep on keepin' on. Because you guys are amazing :)

P.S. I friended you on facebook in case you were interested in accepting my friend request........

Luigina said...

Here is a question... How do you get to wear the chic-est heels and NOT get blisters?! When I dare to wear heels (the "made in Italy" kind) I know without a doubt I'll have to suffer afterwards! : (

delphine said...

your shoes are fabulous
i love !!!!!!!!!!!!
kiss my friend
Del of France ;))

value homes said...

You are really adorable...But i see you more than your in in your photographs.Do you use a self timer for your photos?