Thursday, August 11, 2011

a little Q & A on a Thursday

Q: Dear Lizzy,
Ok I have a question for you! I have recently found the joy of crafting and I love it, but my stash is very small! I see so many lovely things, but cannot afford to buy everything all at once, so I was wondering if you could suggest some absolute basic essentials!
Hannah Carrollxxx

A: Hi Hannah, That is a great question here are some of my favorite essentials! I've included a few of my favorites below with out going too overboard, I had to stop somewhere, and without including the obvious adhesive & scissors.

Circle Punch: This is such a versatile tool that I use so often. I use my 2" all the time. Get a scalloped edge circle that is a touch larger then the round circle punch so you can layer them and you are good to go!
Border Punch: You can use it over and over to add a more polished look to cutting papers on your pages.
Most used punches: Butterfly for the girls or the Cloud if I had a boy. (Sigh... someday ;)

Perfect addition for a stand-out title and I use them on almost every single page. I can stretch my thickers to go a long way... and get pretty talented at combining the letters that I have to make the letter I ran out of. Like this layout where I cut the 8's to make two s's. (Apparently, I like to brag about not very cool things. )

I am such a paper girl... I love to alter, paper piece, and cut strips of patterned paper! In fact I love it so much, if you asked me what 3 things I could bring if I was stranded on a deserted island I would have to say paper... and a lifetime supply of Nutella.

Having a quick easy way to add a spot for journaling is great if you are ever in a time crunch and they are cute!
I love Elle's Studio for all things journaling as well as my Enchanted Ticket Stickers & there is a bunch of great journaling cards & AC journaling cards & books. A lot of great options here...
I have been eyeing these Ali Edward's journaling stamps too.

Some scrappers might rather choke on another button but I still like em. Layering all different elements as the finishing touches to my layout is something I really enjoy and is a whole post in itself.

PAPER TRIMMER: I love my new paper trimmer... Cutterpillar. I especially love how it cuts through chipboard like a dream!
Phew, I hope that wasn't too overwhelming and I am glad I could share a few of my favorite essentials.

Q: Okay my question is: I adore your Dear Lizzy line by American Crafts and I would love to see more crafty lines from you! Are you planning on designing more in the near future?
Jen (Sydney, Aus)

A: Hi Jen! I am!! We are finishing up my next line that will be released at the Winter CHA show this January. I can't wait to share it with you... !

Q: Dear Lizzy, How did you come up with your daughters' beautiful names? They're totally cute and unique!
Jamie Leija

A: Thanks Jamie! Before we were even married I knew one of our daughters would be named Avery. Something about it just stuck with me all those years and Collin liked it too so I don't remember even thinking or making a list while I was pregnant with her. With the other two, Collin and I compiled a list of names over the 9 months. There was usually one that Collin really loved and he would say, "That's it!" It was sweet how excited he was about a certain name and felt a connection. We never had it set in stone until we held our babies and met them in real life... but after each one the name we chose still felt right. We included family names for all the middle names: Rose, Elizabeth and Marie. A silly sidenote: It's cute because lately Qu-ey has been referring to herself as Rosie. "Rosie is hungry." ha ha

Q: What is the best way to photograph your layouts? Please don't say daylight because that is not always an option for me.
Maria Therese

A: Ah, man... I don't know how to answer this one then. ;)
You could also use a scanner, or if you do have bright enough lighting indoors that is also an option. Just make sure you adjust your camera to the correct lighting options (tungsten etc) and you should get a good picture doing that as well.


Unknown said...

What a lovely Q and A session. Lots of great tips too.

EmmaJ said...

I loved your CK column. So glad you are answering questions again

kelsterjean said...

Thanks for answering questions! I really like the answers on the basic essentials you use to craft because I feel like I never know what I should have. Thank you again!

Heather Innusa said...

Always so helpful and generous about sharing your crafty brain Lizzy! Great post!

The European Redhead said...

Hi Lizzie, great post! I love your answers and for the basic essential question I will add - don't worry about brands or new releases. When I am short on money, I go to Walmart or Target and buy something from there. It may be their own scrapbooking label, or Colorbok, but with creating pages it doesn't matter where the paper came from and how much the punch was, but that it looks great and preserves memories for my son.
I can't wait for another installment of this q&a! :)))

saraink said...

Thank you for the great basic supply list. I enjoy your blog and can't wait to see your craft line.

Lulu said...

I love your pencil moustache pic ;)

Genevive said...

more more more!!! :) thank you Dear Lizzy!

LaceyA said...

I have a tip on how I photograph my layouts. I use a white canvas board (or you can use a white board of some kind). I actually photograph right out side of my laundry room door (day or night). I think the light bulb is the true white kind. Place the layout on to the canvas, and photograph directly above it. Do not use flash as it will leave the flash glare on your photo(s). You will have a white outline on the image you take, but if you resize it to 6x6 on PS or PSE, it won't show the white. Hope this helps! ;)

Amy S. said...

I can't wait to see your new line! That is so exciting!

Anisa said...

Thanks for the tips... I agree on the basic supplies.

Do you have any BOY Dear Lizzy scrapbook supplies?

מטודי said...

You are so wonderful!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU 4 your lovely post.

I love your Dear Lizzy line by American Crafts, so very happy for your new line! in Hebrew we wish: "BE'HATSLAHA" (=Good Luck!)


Anonymous said...

You're cute =)
I have a question.
I have an issue with adhesive not sticking after a few years. I go back and look at my scrapbooks and stuff is falling off in my page protectors. Ive tried so many of the adhesives out there and there just isnt one that has stood the test of time. Any suggestions?