Thursday, May 17, 2007

busy girl

Happy Spring-finally!!

I am loving this gorgeous spring weather!

Well the countdown is on for Avery's first birthday. I can not believe a year flew by so fast. Actually I can, because time sure flies when you are having fun:)

You should be getting her birthday invitation in the mail any day now. She is such a busy girl-exploring everything. She loves that she is such a good walker. Lately I was wondering why she has been falling so much-it's because she is always pushing herself to walk faster!! Yep, daddy will be proud because she is one tough cookie.

Love you all!!

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Cheryl said...

Hello my beautiful angel. I sure enjoyed your blog page. Baby Avery is growing up so fast. I can't wait until the reunion so I can give her big hugs and kisses. What a dolly! I love and miss you all so much. See you real soon.
Auntie Cheryl xoxoxoxo

Cbass said...

I'll do anything for a chance to get some Mint Oreo's!!! mmmmmmmm so good, dip in milk.....whoa. I love how little kids legs look like cowboys when they're learning to walk. This blog is the bomb!

Anonymous said...

So cute Liz!

Don LaFontaine said...


Thanks for starting this blog. It's high time the world got to see what really ugly people do in their spare time.

Don't send me the cookies. My butt has it's own area code as it is...

That has got to be the most beautiful baby girl since mine were born.

If she disappears during the reunion, come looking for me.


The Miller's said...

I want some mint Oreo's!!! Yummy! I'm so glad we have your blog link so we can keep in touch! Erin

Kit said...

ELizabeth, your blog site is fabulous just like you are! I love the pictures, the spirit of Elizabeth that comes shining on through, and seeing your family through your eyes as well as the scrapbook pages ( though when I read them close up in living color at your home on your birthday party night, they truly brought tears to my eyes, and in this blog I wish everyone could read the things you wrote, as well as see those pics!)

I wish every family had a record keeper like you...your kids are going to know that their lives matter....So much...that family matters....that loving matters...that living each day with joy and gratitude MATTER!!!

Thanks for being in MY world!

Lindsey said...

Liz...we do love you and Collin and we want some Oreo's.

Ty Kearl