Monday, May 21, 2007


We try to go on a walk after dinner and before we put Avery to bed. It's great to work off some extra calories, before we go inside and eat our favorite Rhoad's cinnamon rolls or Blue Bunny Brownie Sensation ice cream. (It's the best ice cream of all time. Seriously.)
Last night was as beautiful as ever with the mountains behind us and the view of the lake and city in front of us. Love it! So blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery.
Speaking of being blessed & beautiful scenery-I am looking at this picture and I just have to say-I love this boy!! Collin has got to be the greatest blessing in my life! I don't know what I did to deserve him but man am I lucky!
Actually it isn't luck at all. Just part of our Heavenly Father's plan-and you know he was in a great mood when he made Collin!!

Someone is getting sleepy. . .

Love that the weather is warm and we can see those cute, little toesies more often!!


Erin said...

I love the jogging stroller! I can't wait to get one. Is yours for sale? :) Avery is a beauty!

Kit Kartchner said...

I feel so blessed to take a few minutes and see the world through your eyes, Elizabeth. . . it is warmning up my heart and pulling me out of the "Busy mode" that seems to dominate my days and nights now. your journal is a joy to others, as well as to your own little family, I want you to know that!

I am so grateful that my son married such a ownderful owman as you, and so delighted that he is cherished by you. He has grown from a pretty special little boy into a pretty special man, and I am so glad you have each other and cherish each other.
Keep it up!

Love you! Mom

Kit said...
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