Friday, May 25, 2007

watch me grow

Avery turns one tomorrow. . .

I can't believe that just a short year ago I was ready to pop, her room was perfectly pink filled with tiny onesies and soft blankies, and Collin and I didn't know what exciting, tiring, fulfilling days awaited us. And now here we are ready to celebrate her first milestone of many special moments in her life.

She is walking around like crazy, wanting to be more and more independent. Bored from exploring every inch of her home and loves to go new places and discover new treasures. So happy for God's great plan and the uplifting energy Avery brings to us everyday.


cbass said...

Happy Birthday to Avery!!! She is the cutest baby girl ever!!

Mike said...

What a beauty! She's so pretty. We're excited for her party tomorrow. Bryson's into older girls. We should hook them up and let destiny take over.