Monday, June 18, 2007

happy father's day!

happy father's day to our daddy, protector, comedian, cook of the best french toast, our provider, hero, sweetheart, always makes us smile, movie quoter, and my best friend!!!
we love you so much! thanks for ALL you do for us! XOXO


The LeRoy's said...

Your Baby kills me. Her eyes are so pretty! You guys made one cute girl


Krainik Family said...

Hey Collin and Liz! I found you through 2peas and it's so fun looking at your blog. You guys are such a cute little family! Liz your scrapbook pages are amazing! You can catch up with our family on our blog. Tell Collin and the rest of the Kartchner's "Hi" from the Krainiks!

jonathan said...

Hey Baby Avery,
You've gotten tall. I know you will be going on vacation on friday. I'll miss you.
Love, Jonathan Brown