Friday, September 28, 2007

you are inspiring

Wow that was more fun than I imagined. Thanks so much for all your comments. You girls had me laughing out loud, tearing up, inspired, excited to dive into some new books, and wishing that I could meet you all in person. Since I moderate my comments- I read each one. I loved those of you who had blogs and I could get to know you even more. Now I wish everyone would set up blogs-for my own selfish reasons. :)

Through an intense random selection process Angela Lenssens is the winner! And Rachel (One Life One Chance) I'll send you a little sumthin sumthin! Leave me a comment with your email and address. (I won't publish them on my blog:) I wish I could send everyone some scrapping goodies!

I can't believe it's almost October, I need to get Avery her Halloween costume. Any suggestions? Last year I waited til the last second and ended making a homemade ladybug costume.

Happy Birthday Camille!!
My sister turns 18 today!!

Just kidding. Would you believe this is my older sister? Yep, by 19 months. She is one of my closest friends, my hairdresser, watches Avery for me, a great cook, and a great mommy.

I watched The Office last night. Wasn't as great as I hoped, but still enjoyed it!

"I'm not superstitious, only a little stitious."

"Support the rabid"

Oh, I almost forgot my favorite part! Andy and his 'protecting his nipples while running' bit! ha ha


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading everyones comments. How fun!

Lindsey said...

Okay the superstitious line was one of my favorites!

Last year Ava was a pink octupus from babystyle and it was real cute. They have the same one this year, I think and they aren't expensive costumes either.

Good luck!

Kodi Logan said...

Just wanted to thank you for having some awesome selections on your playlist! I'm putting several of them on mine very soon! I had never heard a lot of them before. Music does wonders for my soul, so I'm always looking for something new!

Congrats on your big win. I know Allison, another finalist, so I've heard a lot about the big contest.

Christen Krumm said...

I love reading other's blogs. I wish everyone had a wonderfully colorful, picture updating blog :)

heather said...

...had to share with you in case you didn't already know...these are some great office websites to keep you laughing!

(I love to go to past episodes and read quotes from the show and see deleted scenes)

enjoy :)

The Lenssens said...

Me-- Angela? Am I the Angela who won??? Wow. Thanks so much.

snail mail: Angela Lenssen 535 SW Moe St. Pullman, WA 99163

I didn't watch the Office (I'm a big Grey's fan) but plan to watch the Office online tonight. Don't you love technology?

Again, THANK YOU! I'm really very, very appreciative and so happy I "introduced" myself to you. I'll be checking in on your blog to see more beautiful photos of your family (they're really precious!). And can't wait to see more of your work via CK!!!

Julie said...

I love your playlist. I open your blog and just play the music while I put around the house. One of the songs makes me think of my childhood. I was truly blessed:)

Congrats to the girls who won your goodies:)

emily said...

okay, you've got to admit the whole jim/pam thing was good...i was so glad to finally see them together!!!
and yes, michael had his usual ridiculous comments...i mean, come on, i just feel embarrassed for him most of the time!! that show never fails to make me laugh :) my fave!

Christi said...

Bwah-haha! I haven't seen The Office yet (we taped it...too many other Thurs. shows), but I can just picture Andy saying that! Too funny!

I think the Halloween costume you made is absolutely adorable! Kohls usually has cute costumes...there should be a good selection if you don't procrastinate. :) We're dressing our kids as pirates this year. I wonder if I could find something that would make the baby look like a parrot...? Hmmmm...

Have a great weekend! :)

Oh yeah, I was wondering if you're able to see the link to my blog, even though it's on Xanga and not Blogger. I type it in each time...don't want to be Anonymous!

elizabeth said...

Thanks for the costume ideas! I'll have to check out Kohls and the pink octupus sounds cute!

and I'm going to check out those office links!!

Christi, I can't see the link to your blog...:)

Amy Hummel said...

Ooh, Maybe I'll have to check out Kohls too... I have 2 girls and a boy to think about dressing this year. Last year I just picked up some dress-ups from costco. My oldest (who is 5 this year) went as a "peditrician" (<-- that's what she told people she was), and my 3 year old was a Veterinarian. The baby just went in his Superman pajamas, complete with cape. This year I'm trying to be a little more on the ball. I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks, and by the time I get home all of the good costumes will be picked over.

I just had to come over and read the comments on your blog, because no one really comments on mine. I could ask questions until I was blue in the face and never get an answer! LOL...

Love that you keep changing the music on your blog. It looks as though we have about the same taste in music. What do you think about Jack Johnson?

Amy Hummel said...

And, (you don't have to publish this)... but since you seem to like to peek in on others blogs like me... mine is at

And I thought I'd share this super funny blog with you:

She's a 40 something first time mother to a preschooler. She has some reallly funny stories, and is an excellent writer. She'd make an excellent scrapbooker. For a super huge laugh, click on the "best of antique mommy" in a sidebar to the left. You won't regret it!

Chad & Tiffany Hewlett said...

Yes the sticious comment was hysterical and the nipple thing-hahaha!
I think your little Avery would make an adorable Tinkerbell-she looks like a little pixie with those big eyes.
(And I also think EVERYONE should blog-it is too much fun, yet way too easy to spend all day reading them! You feel like you know people after reading blogs, it's great!)

Christi said...

Well, for cryin' out loud, why does it ask me to enter the web address then? I'm not sure how I feel about this...who exactly is this information going to? :)

All right, I'll try putting in a link to my blog this way, since it is wonderful and not to be missed. It is also a closely guarded secret...(okay, not really.)

Stop by anytime! :)

stephanie said...

harper is going to be a monkey. it is soooo funny to see her in the's from the spirit halloween superstore. i think i'm going to get her a banana to carry around. hahaha. she says "hoo hoo hahaha" every time i put it on her.

littlegreen said...

dangit... Jordo and I just got into the office on DVD this summer... we don't have TV reception so I was so bummed that a new and fresh season would be starting and that everyone else would get to enjoy it but us!! how about a pig, or a monkey for avery?

Angela said...

Congrats to the girls that won. I saw ANGELA and i was like SCORE! I actually won something! Then I read the rest and realized it wasn't me LOL!

Also huge congrats to you on winning!

jessperry said...

I am so excited for Halloween. I wish we could all get together just to see all the kids in their costumes. Tell Camille hello for that girl!

Michelle said...

I loved the Office last night! When Pam and Jim were holding sweet :)

joscelyne cutchens said...

i love the music on your blog too! Congrats to the girls who won some goodies! The only thing better than scrappin goodies are free scrappin goodies. and the only thing better is free scrappin goodies from liz!

I echo the love of blogs. I just started doing it regularly in august... it is so cathartic! and I love getting to know others through their blogs!

Amy Hummel said...

Sorry to be a comment hog today, but I wanted to respond to Christi about her blog link not showing up...

She wrote: Well, for cryin' out loud, why does it ask me to enter the web address then? I'm not sure how I feel about this...who exactly is this information going to? :)

All right, I'll try putting in a link to my blog this way, since it is wonderful and not to be missed. It is also a closely guarded secret...(okay, not really.)

Stop by anytime! :)

From what I've discovered with "blogger," if you just enter in, your name won't link your blog. BUT if you enter "," it will link.

I checked out your blog by the way. TFS!

Liz said...

my favorite quotes from thurdays office:

Just two kitties out on the town.

If there was a God then I would be married

Just a little sticious.

And lets not forget how great it is to finally see pam and jim together!
one last one...

Lay off my MAN! -Jan

I could go on for hours! Congrats again on SOY, I had fun meeting you in vegas, looking forward to doing it again!


Nicole P. said...

My 3 littlest ones were a cowboy, cowgirl, and a horse last year. This year, the boys are going to be Mater and McQueen from Cars, and my DD will be a genie.
The Lillian Vernon catalog has some really cute costume for toddlers. Here is the link.

I especially love the Tootsie Roll.

Oh and about the blogs, I am addicted to reading blogs. I have my favorites, which are mostly humor or photography blogs, that I check every single day for updates.

Brittany said...

Hey, just wanted to stop by and say "thanks" for posting a comment on my blog. You were my first ever commenter and it totally made my day. You are going to make a great SOY!

Christen Krumm said...

So... stumbled onto your photography.... I was wondering if you designed the baby annoucements, and how you did that (do you have a program?) My sister in Law is about to have a baby and I thought it might be fun to hold a "baby photo shoot" and make the annoucements. Any and all tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated... (oh yeah.. I'm sorta a newbie and this stuff.. hehe) ~Christen

Lindsay and Aaron said...

Here are some cute costumes. My favorite is probably the pink octopus!

Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel said...

Silly girl!! You posted my personal info. I deleted the post and will repost it w/o the details.


I vote for the pink octopus too!! Sounds adorable!

I have to pick out my dd's still. It is always such a hard choice. Can't wait to see what you all come up with.

YEAH!!! I can't believe you picked me to get "a little sumthin sumthin"! Very honored. Thank you.

See you on CKMB, CK, and in your blog! Enjoy your year as SOY! Gettin Jiggy with it for ya! (insert laughing smiley)

October 1, 2007 8:22 PM"