Thursday, October 25, 2007

mailbox merriment

I love love loved going out to get the mail today. Credit card offer? Chuck it. Credit card bill? Hide it in the place I know Collin won't look...Pottery Barn catalog.

Thumbing through the pile of postmarked spam, my eye
caught glimpse of a familiar font...
my beloved Blueprint Magazine.

So much of my inspiration comes from the photos, even the ads get my creative juices flowing. I'd like to thank whoever picked the cover shot on last month's saved our master bedroom from the beige invasion.
p.s. pottery barn's Christmas catalog is torturous when it's not even halloween yet!! so excited for Christmas!!


Angela said... I have just NOW been reading comments on my blog (B7DKOS-The Scrappy Version) and I saw where you left comments on my TWO posts that I have made. WOW! I feel special now! Had I known SOMEONE (and not just ANY someone---Elizabeth Kartchner!!!) I would have been updating it more. So, because you have inspired me to, I will. I read your blog all the time...LUV it!

And no, I don't live in Utah County, although I used to. My son was born in Provo, and my daughter was born in St. George. My hubby and I (sometimes not so affectionately referred to as "The Third Kid" got married in the Salt Lake Temple.

Now we live in the Great White North. AKA Montana.

OK, Now I am seriously done updating YOUR blog! (Sorry for the novella!)

Latrice said...

Ooooo I get this magazine at work. Love the stuff in it. I've never thought to take inspiration from it. Great idea!! Have a great weekend.

Confessions of A Drama Mama said...

I agree beautiful font! Have to say I'm guilty of hiding the bills too sometimes.

Krainik Family said...

I love getting Pottery Barn catalogs in the mail, not that I can afford any of it, but it's still fun to look at! Thanks for the heads up on BluePrint, I will have to grab a copy next time I am out. I love Home Decor magazines, they are so full of ideas not only for my house, but for my scrapbook pages too!

stephanie said...

ooh, blueprint is divine.
i also read their blog every day.
hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

jessperry said...

I have never heard of this magazine. I need to get with it. I will need to get me a copy of this!

Lyndsie Field said...

I actually got an ad for Blueprint last week & loved everything in it...I may have to ask for a subscription for Christmas! :) And, I'm glad to know that someone else hides the credit card bill from their husband! ;)

noel joy said...

i just subscribed to blueprint after picking it up several times full price! i love this mag! do you get domino, that's a good one too! :)

and couldn't you just LIVE in the pb catalog?!?

Christi said... me some yummy Pottery Barn! Someday, when my kids are old enough not to spew milk and/or boogers all over it, I may decorate my house as depicted in their catalog. *sigh*

Kass Martin said...

You are so creative. You're little girl is growing up so fast. I can't believe Dayne is 3 and Bridget is 7 months. It flies. I am adding your blog to my friend list so I can keep up on all your fun stuff.

Dale Anne said...

YES, Elizabeth, I also LOVE going thru magazines for inspiration. Sometimes just the colours they've used on an ad is spark enough for me - alot of time, tho, I look at the ad and then do the same layout on my scrap pages.

Amy Hummel said...

Pottery Barn. I love pottery barn. I wish my house looked like those catalogs, but it never will!

So, for now I dream.

I'm wanting to do some painting... My house is now Beige... I'm thinking of adding some color.

Today we will be working on pumpkins however!

Happy Halloween!!!

Britt and Jon said...

Hey....just wanted to say I love your blog! So inspiring. I added you to my "favorite blogs list" on my blog...hope you don't mind! My blog site is
Have a great one!

Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

Liz your blog is my favorite! It is so creative. So back when I was asking you about how you take such beautiful pictures...I wasnt kidding...Teach me!!! I love them! I am looking for a new camera- any suggestions? Love the Borat and Sally- Jake was jelous that he didnt think of Borat himself after growing his mustache for weeks!

Anonymous said...

Looks like there are some really good Christmas cookie recipes in the current Blueprint issue!

ATS said...

maybe you didn't hear yet ... only 1 more blueprint mag will be printed .... but their blog will continue.