Wednesday, February 20, 2008

baby bump

You asked, so here you go...

6 month and a week baby bump pictures. Only 102 days, 20 hours, 3 minutes, and 16 seconds until we hold our baby girl-but who's counting? :) Lately I've wondered if I am ready for this? I know it's only 2 kiddos and some women have triple that but I was a little apprehensive. Until recently when I felt a huge reassurance inside that I can do this!!! With the amazing support from Collin, forcing myself to take naps when the baby sleeps, and a couple maids-yeah right!! But I have a newfound power and am filled with excitement and gratitude-a shout from the rooftops kind of feeling! I know I am so incredibly blessed that I am able to have children and that she is healthy!!

Now we are trying to decide on a name for our little angel. There are a couple we like, but share any cute girl names you know!


Anonymous said...

I like Emily Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful and sooo tiny! I am 7 months and my bump is much bigger than yours!!!

I am glad all is well with your little angel. There is nothing worse than hearing that something could be wrong. We too had a little scare at the beginning and I thank GOD everyday for his blessing and a healthy baby.

There is nothing wrong with feeling a little fear at this point, I know I too sometimes ask myself if I will be able to handle 2 children, but God won't throw anything our way that we can't handle.

If we were having another girl my two choices were Emma or Avery.

Latrice said...

Ok first can I say you look great. I can't believehow far along you are already. You kept your secret for a while. Great pictures BTW!!

I have to tell you that I have Capri playing at the exact time I stopped over at your blog and my 2 yr. old is singing it. LOL!!

About name.... hmmmmm. That's a hard one. You don't strike me as a traditional name type so maybe something like Zoe, Taylor, or Bailey. I have no idea.

My next girl will be Laila or McKenzie. For a boy we get to follow tradition with George!! I know yikes. LOL!! Have fun choosing.

Pamela said...

You look lovely. :)

christina said...

My daughters name is Jaden.....I truly love her and this name. I wish you many blessings along this journey:+)

justynapalasiewicz said...

You are so beautiful and you look healthy (which is the most important thing!) :-)

I like Shayla, Addison, and Violet. All cute names that you don't really see around much anymore...

Keep us all posted!!! I'm praying for you, your family, and your new little girl, that you'll all be safe and healthy and, of course, happy!


PS. Gorgeous pictures, by the way :-)

Brandy said...

Such a cute blog!! We love the name Brynley (our little girl's name) She is Brynley Rose. We also liked Paige, Maddie (Madison or Madelyn). I love looking at your blog and seeing all the cute things you create! Lots of inspiration!

charity said...

you are beautiful!
I love the shout off the rooftops kind of feeling!

love you!!

charity said...

ha ha, i wonder who wrote emily elizabeth :)

Marie said...

Love the following:

you @ 6 beautiful!
your wall/background
your vibrancy and attitude!


just to name a few

Jessi said...

K first of all, I know you through Heather (Hamblin) Telford. That's where I found your blog. And I look at your blog all the time because you have such cute scrapbooking pages and ideas! and great crafts! So, just thought I would admit to that. ha ha.. Anyway girl names: I like Addisyn but you already have Avery so maybe that would be too close. And I love Lola (my husband makes fun of me for it but I love it) Good luck! I have a Kynzie.. and I love her name too.

Sara Ancich said...

Having an Avery myself, I have often thought of sister names that go well with hers....

Charlotte (aka Charlie)

pictures of you are awesome...your little girl will look back one day and be so proud of how well her mommy kept herself up during the pregnancy!

Sara said...

You look so tiny for 6 months - in a good way! You carry FANTASTIC!

Girl names

Anonymous said...

OK, so you look amazing ... at six months, just the cutest little baby bump. So sweet ... my fiance and I are planning a baby shortly after our wedding later this year. A couple of the girls names I love right now are Sadie, Addison, Lily, and Kate. Such joy thinking about creating a life, a reflection of you, your husband and your family tree in one tidy, tiny bundle. Enjoy the rest of the time and have fun picking a name :)


cydders said...


you are so pretty! congrats!

here are two names i love and if we are ever blessed with a girl ( we have 3 boys)her are the names i will use:

Cooper or Clemintine

you will be a wonderful mom of two! we women are stronger than we think. just remember to will get easier.


Lindsey Lee said...

You little look GREAT and little still!! I swear i looked 9 months preggo when i was 6 months. Anyhow, you will be a super mother with 2 kiddos! For some reason its been a little harder for me...but i think a 2 year old little boy in the house has something to do with that one. Avery seems so sweet!
The name i loved for little girl was Laney or Laynee...however you spell it. Im excited to see baby girl numero dos.

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!!

A couple of my favorite girl names are: Kyra, Ava, Lucy, and Gwen.

Blessings to you and the baby.

Crib Tales said...

ack! you are gorgeous and so petite! congrats again.

Both my boys were destined to be Ella Harper had they been girls. Alas, they are boys and that name might sound silly being called out in the 7th grade for a strapping young lad - so we gave them both boy names.


stephanie howell said...

you look gorgeous!
and YES you can do know i know.
names? i'm partial to harper and sadie.

Kodi Logan said...

I have to share my daughter's name just b/c I love it so...Emmarie. I named her after my grandfather Emery, but made the spelling a little more girly. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow you look great!!!!! I bet when you are walking people can't tell you are prego from behind *smile*

I love the names Madison, Taylor, Morgan, Gracie and Sophie.

Anonymous said...

You look adorable!!!

My favorite girl names are:


emily anderson said...

seriously liz...too cute. that's all i have to say...

jennihaywood said...

I love...
Adelaide...this is my daughter's name. The kids at school call her Addie :D!
and Olivia!
I decorated my teenage daughter's room in all kinds of chandeliers. I found a company on Vicki Boutin's blog that does Huge, funky, vintage, chandelier rubons. I ordered one that was around 4 feet and put it above their dresser. I also ordered the small hot pink Hambly chandelier rubons and put them on frames, jars, and candles. It looks so cool. Really modern! You look so pretty and I love your necklace. It goes with everything.

Mel said...

You look amazing at 6 months! Love your blog and inspiration that I get here..very motivating. Thanks for keeping it up. :)
Just to name a few! :)LOL!
Mel *in Oklahoma*

Anonymous said...


Some names I love are:

Tessa, Amelie, Eva, Bella just to name a few ;)

have a great day :D

Laura Looooo said...

i stumbled across your book when reading that you are scrapbooker of the year...and I absolutely love your blog... I check it all the time... i have become a blog fanatic... haha

but anyways... i love Lena and Ella

Musicmom-Amy said...

You are looking wonderful for being 6 months. I never looked that cute!!!

I'm partial to Tabitha, Amber & Amelia (Amy).

Kaitlyn said...

Your baby bump is so tiny Liz! I am only 16 weeks, and my baby bump is not too much smaller than yours! You look adorable pregnant! Two for me was easy, but I am worried about adding this third one. You'll do great!

Anonymous said...

you look fantastic! such a cute little bump! awesome chandelier too! what exactly is it and where did it come from? :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you recognize how lucky you are. I cannot have children and its a pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

If I were able to have my own babies, I always wanted to name a girl Arabella and nickname her Belle. Considering your family's good looks, I think it would be fitting!

You look amazing - good luck and congratulations on your healthy baby.

elizabeth kartchner said...

Thanks for the nice comments!

Sam, the chandelier is a wall decal (rubon) from
My husband and I are obsessed!

Tiffany & Co. said...

You are just darling. Love the chandelier background. Where do you find this stuff?!

Anonymous said...


those are my faves! :)

Anonymous said...

I once did a birthday party and the birthday girl's name was Parker.

julieann said...

Such great photos and I love the "Shout from the rooftops" feeling, you are stronger than you think!! My fave names are Grace and Charlotte:)

Kimball and Ashley said...

My girls' names are Kolbee Kaye and Savanna Lynne. I think they are pretty cute. And our next girl will actually be named Avery Grace.

{Erica} said...

you make 6 months look hot liz! :) love the totally look fabulous! so I gotta know..where'd you get the necklace??

Anonymous said...


Ally's Corner said...

First I wanted to say I got my March Issue of CK and Wow love the makeover you did on my page.
My girls names are Anna and Alana, Alana is pronounced ( Ah-lay- na) , because the way we spelled it most people call her A-lahn-a . Don’t know if you want another child to have an A name.

{amy k.} said...

I'm not sure if I've ever left you a comment or not but I guess my secret's out- I love your blog and I'm affraid I've become a blog stalker! You inspire me!

You are beautiful! Pregnancy suits you perfectly and 2 will be better than 1!
Names I like (that go with Avery):

Good luck and let us know what name you decide on!

Anonymous said...

So hot...want to touch the heiny...aarrrroooooo!!

Dang, who took those pictures? Amazing. jk. I like the names Euphogenia, Beatrice, and Beaufont and Collin Jr.

Lucy said...

I'm loving the Lucy recommendations! :) You look great! Have fun!

Cass & Co said...

What a gorgeous Baby Bump.
I am 3 days away from my due date with baby number 2, and our chosen girl name (if it is a girl - we don't know??) is "Freya Lily"...
Freya being the Nordic Goddess of love, fertility and beauty.
Good luck narrowing it down - we only decided a week ago!!

Cass H
Western Australia

joscelyne cutchens said...

You are looking beeeautiful!
I like Zoe, Chloe, lexi, Joscie {rhymes with bossy ;)}
Kamakana is pretty too...

Leah said...

I really enjoyed reading through these comments because I am 5 months pregnant also with my 2nd girl. We have no idea what we are going to name her!

You look great! I love your hair!
Best wishes with the pregnancy and deciding on a name!

Kristen said...

i love the name Audrey. it would be so cute with Avery too. It would have been my youngests name...if he had been a girl. It was my grandmother's name and is resurging in it's popularity...but not too much that it's common. Love your pics! :) Kristen in Nor Cal

AndreafromNoVA said...

First off you are glowing. I loved being pregnant you've almost got me wanting another! But I am completely blessed with my two and completely done!

My daughter's name is Blake, I love Blake for a girl. Middle name Kathleen.

Good luck!

Andrea J

Lance and Becky said...

Hey Liz, it's Becky Reynolds, and congrats on #2! You look fabulous! You are such a cute little mom and wife! I hope it's okay that I check out your blog every so often! 2 is so much fun, I was overwhelmed at first, but after a couple of weeks it was a lot easier than I thought it would be! You'll do great, and your little girl will help you out so much, she is darling by the way! You look great!

Anonymous said...

your pics are look so good pregnant, i looked like a cow!!! will always treasue those pictures...names...
addison (addi)
emmalee which is emily
how 'bout colbie?
good luck w/ the names
angie(ckmb: craftyscrapr)

Rae said...

Congratulations!! I just had my first child a little girl almost 6 months ago. We love our little girls name: Evelyn Grace. We call her Evie (pronounced Eveie).

I hope you have fun choosing a name.

Also, what camera do you use? You photos are always so vibrant and beautiful. Did you take photography courses?

Unknown said...

You look beautiful!
As for names, I love the name Quinn.

Tricia said...

You can do two no problem! I've got 8 (4 of each) and it's tons of fun! My girl's names are Grace, Mia Rose, Ruby and Julia. All cute names if you ask me! LOL. My friend has two girls Avery Rose and Lanie Rose. Stella is a great name too! Congrats!

heather telford photography said...

You look adorable!! I am so happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Arizona Liz! Will you be at the CK convention in Mesa in April?? It would be great to meet you.

My daughter's name is Sedona.

:) Dawn

Emily said...

I love the name Holland :)

Christina Carnoy said...

awwwww cute. congrats!

Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is Aspen... and I still love the name to this day!


I just wanted to let you know that you are so beautiful. I recently lost a baby. It is hard to explain how I am feeling, but I just want to let you know that you CAN do it. Motherhood is hard, but you make it what it is. You will be a wonderful example to your babies. Just know you are NEVER alone and just reach out to those around you. You are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Ok, could you be any more beautiful?! Those photos are soooooo cute! I can definitely see some great scrap layouts with those! ;)

Don't know if these have already been said but what about...


Mindy said...

love the bump! like to say i miss mine, but at just a week out of new babydom, i still have it... no baby in there though! you look great! being a mom is the best!

Katy said...

Congrats and way cute pics!

I love the name Paige - that will be our first girl's name and it sounds so good with our son's name, Grant!

Good luck on your name search!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful.
I think Avery and Abigail sound cute as sisters!

nickandstaci said...

You look so good! I am just a litle behind you in my own pregnancy. Love reading your blog. Very inspiring. If our little boy to be was a girl he would have been Elise Claire. We also loved Aubrey, Paige and Lucy. My daughter is Ava Taylor which I just love! You'll find the perfect name.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I really like my name: Sarah. I like that it is in all religions and is easily said in most languages (I travel a lot) and it means princess!

Otherwise, I like:
Manoa (means abundance in Hawaiian)

Anonymous said...

i love the name zahliah (said like zar...lee..yahh) as i think this matches really well with avery. also addison, louise and amelia are cute

4guysandagirl said...

You are bueatiful (and glowing)! Glad everything is going well. We thought our third boy would be a girl and had named "him" Hanna Elizabeth. All our kids names are Biblical. Instead he's Timothy Aaron :D !!

Anonymous said...

My goodness... just when I thought you couldn't be more lovely! Fabulous photos.
Naming our babies (we have twins) was a roller-coaster ride. My husband teaches and didn't want any names of former students (limiting!!). And names are so personal but I'll give you a few of my favourites:
Sadie, Vivienne, Candace, Sidney, Elle and Hannah.
Best wishes!

Mary and Ryan said...

You look beautfiul, those pictures are so adorable. Im so excited for you. Think of me every time you get to buy something pink:)

Susanne said...

Wow! You look so cute! I think pregnant women are so beautiful! Now, on to names (one of my favorite subjects!)

My dd is named McKinlee Skye. I also like Paisley, Quinlyn, Sophie, Maddox, Skyler, Ellery, Claire.

I'm sure whatever you pick will be adorable with Avery (my other favorite name!) Let us know!!

Melissa said...

You look great! How about these names:
Charlotte (Charlie for short, that's my mom's name! Love it!)
Isla (No "s" sound)
Maizee (my neice)

Lan said...

You look wonderful and happy! That's such a little bump for being 6 months!

I had the hardest time picking out girl names when we had Makenzie. That was the only name DH and I could agree on. Good luck!

tina said...

Look at how cute you are prego! I only wish I looked like that at 6 months!!! And I'm LOVIN the wall decal, going to go check out that site when I'm done here. And your husbands comment was hilarious, Collin Jr. lol!

I have an Emma and a Jake - obviously we are into the simple names! ha! But I love Ella and Sydney and Addison (though I don't know if your into two 'A' names, I'm not). Someone mentioned Charlie for a girl, I think that's really cute and sounds good with Avery.

You can totally handle two - but I remember panicing too. I just had to tell myself over and over that Emma would be a few months older when Jake was born than she was at that moment. It seemed to calm some of the fears.

Micayla said...

I am one of those lurkers who doesnt normally make a comment, but I felt I had too today!

The pictures are gorgeous, such a sweet little bump.

I too am pregnant, 3 months gone and I am hoping for a girl! So I will be keeping a tab on these comments for idea's but at the moment I like..........


Wishing you the best of health during this wonderful time, I am yet to have my 'glowing period' but as the sickness has died down I hope it will come soon.
Take care xx

Lyndsie said...

so cute liz...i'm glad you're healthy & doing well! :) so excited for you.

Anonymous said...

Boy did you get a ton of comments on this post! Everyone loves to see a baby bump! And I had no clue you were 6 months along!!! You're sooo tiny, but I guess it's only your 2nd, lol! And.. you are probably pushing out to make yourself look bigger! Come on - admit it!

I did a 'photoshoot' with myself yesterday of my 9 month bump. I even found a fun shirt that says "baby bump" on it to wear for the shoot. And when I say I did a shoot with "myself" I literally mean I had my camera on a tripod, and triggered the shutter release with my foot!

Ahh, the strange things we do in the name of preserving memories! ...and I DID post them on my blog yesterday too. There must have been something in the air.

I'm biased to Brooklyn, because it's what I want to use if I have a girl (we chose not to find out the gender). We already have a Jocelyn and a Katelyn. So we are kind of doing the 'lyn' thing when it comes to girls. But my husband talked me into Tessalyn (like Tessa-lynn) and I really like it. So if we have a girl, I guess we will go with that.

Good luck with the name choosing!

The Boys Mommy said...

I have two wonderful little boys (2 1/2 and a one year old)...I wondered how I was going to do it too, but somehow it all works out. Though I haven't had time to if you figure that one out, please let us know. But I never seemed to find the time when I had just one do you make the time?

-Debbie (a Creating Keepsakes subscriber)

Michelle said...

Hey Elizabeth!! Wow I can't believe you are 6mths already!!! You did keep your little secret pretty long!! Your look beautiful in those pics!! Girls names ..... If I have kids and they are girls, I love Grace, Sofie, Mackenzie and Reece :]

jaclyn said...

i have 2 daughters... halle & sophie love them both! not two stange and not to common!

Reina said...

You look so good! That is how I look at like 16 weeks but I am short (5 feet). As for names Kenzie (not Mackenzie just Kenzie) is our daughter's name and if this next is a girl it will be Lorelai.

lexsmama said...

You look radiant, Elizabeth. Simply glowing.

And, yes, you CAN do it. :-)

For names, we liked:
Emma Leigh

Hope I helped spark some imagination. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I named my baby girl Iyanna.

Kara said...

hey liz!! you look too cute!! ;)
i have 2 girls, they are grace marie and lauren elizabeth.
since i think that i will have at least 10 more girls, i have lotsa girl names.
*magnolia, but could call her maggie

ok, so i hope that this helps ya! here have been some beautiful names mentioned so far too!!
ps-did you check out those cool belly bands?

Lindsey and Ben said...

Liz, you look awesome! Congrats to you both! Names- don't even ask me we struggled just to get our Avery's name! Good luck! You look awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

we chose kaleigh (pronounced kay-lee) for our daughter because it was unique. it totally suits her now. (she's six)

Wife and Mother. said...

I just love your photos. You look amazing (I'm so jealous. I look nothing near that good, and I'm only 17 weeks along)!! Where did you get those photos done? Good luck with the baby names...we're having a hard enough time coming up with our own names.

June said...

Looking great! Love that chandelier on the wall.
My kids are about the same difference in age as your daughters will be. Can everybody be truly ready? I don't think so. The best part though is that you will already know what to expect (delivery, figuring out what baby needs, and milestones). The hardest part for me was logistics. I can say during those early days that I've pulled out of the driveway once with one of the car doors open :D But it is so much fun having two--they play together, and fight, and you just get to have all that sweetness all around you.

j said...

I hope I look that good when I decide to have kids.

- Elphaba
- Nora
- Lennon
- Audrey
- Lili
- Brody
- Autumn
- Chloe
- Ophelia
- Antigone

The Sonboul's said...

LOL I so 2nd Amy on her Comment... about you getting a lot of comments on the baby bump. These photos are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow I never looked that beautiful a single day of my entire pregnancy.
I love the name Weatherly Ashton and as beautiful as your family is it sounds like it would fit.

Fuller Family said...

You look wonderful. Those are some great pictures of you.

Drama Mama said...

WOW you've got a good response, I was going to say Addison (Addy), Abigail (Abby) or Ava.

You look great!

Good Luck!

noel joy said...

oh my gosh! you are seriously the cutest thing ever!!! i can't wait to meet your new little princess.

you're going to be an amazing mom of 2! {{hugs}}

Francis Family said...

You look great Liz! Where do you get all your backdrops! You always have such cute pictures! Good luck with finding a name!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your "bump" with us! You are too cute pregnant!
Name ideas for you:
Anna Claire {call her by both names}

Kaylyn said...

You look so great!! What a cute baby belly!!

My name is not a common one. It is spelled many ways..

Kaylyn (my spelling)

There are many ways to spell it and it all sounds the same!

Marie said...

So I just thought of another name that I wish that I could use sometime in my life.....wait for it....


Can you just imagine it? Little Stella playing at the neighbors and Collin yelling down the street...."STELLA!!!"


Jason and Amy said...

Prettiest pregnant lady I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

My littlel girly angels are...
Camryn Amanda
Taryn Lynne Spencer

I also love October for a girl, or Mayson Georgia for a girl!!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, Elizabeth!

Some names I like- don't laugh. :)


Chrystal Sturm said...

I can't believe I just read all 100 posts in search of suggestions. Our baby girl will be here in 6 weeks and we're still undecided. Interestingly, both of our top contenders appeared on above - only once each, thankfully.

Looking forward to seeing what you decide!!

amy & lisa said...

I'm just lovin' the name Poppy.

Samantha said...

You look adorable with your little baby bump!! Good luck deciding on a name. It looks like you have lots of good suggestions already!

Ashley said...

Beautiful photos. I really like the names Andelin (Annie - Andelin is a family name in my family), Kate, Holly, Sophia, Julia, and Madelyn.

Anonymous said...

You look great Elizabeth. Here are my sugestions for a girlname:

Loraine, Samira, Brenda, Fae (or Fay), Nomi (or Naomi), Isa, Cedy, Romi, Amber, Colinda (especially for Collin :)...), Nadia, Achsa, Maxime, Babet, to name a few ;))

Or you can find one yourself at:

Kind regards, Renata (hey, that's a pretty name too, isn't it LOL)

*Beatriz Jennings* said...

Ximena, Gala,

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Feline?

Kind regards, Renata (again)

Unknown said...

hi i´m a blog stalker! ha ha! i saw your link in ck & i love your blog!!! the music rocks, your pages are amazing, & you have such a cute fam! congrats on baby #2! i have like a million names i like, but my current faves are grace, olivia, evelyn, & sophie. i work at a scrapbook store in az & if you ever come down, you have to stop in, cause it´s the best!!! scrapbooks, etc in mesa!

Starr Mercer said...

OK, I know this post was a pregnancy update, but where did you get the chandilere wall art...I am in love with these this season and would love to get my hands on one of those!

Our daughter's name is Scarlett and I get alot of comments that people like her name.


Anonymous said...

We get comments all the time about our daughter's name:

Amara Renae

She often goes by Mari.

Congrats! And you look great!!

Andrea said...

I just found your blog as a "recommendation" from google/reader. My neice will be named Story June. She is due in June!

Penny Smith said...

Daylin (Daylynn)
Scarlett (of course)
Gracelyn (I must like Lynn!)
Logan (yes, for a girl!)

These are a few of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

OK, Ellie or Ella? There are not enough of those yet??

Sophie, Olivia-they are so common now!

Capri? Like Heidi Swapp's little girl? LOL! That might be weird!

Teagn! LOVE that!

Ava is getting more popular too! But boy is that pretty!

Antigone?? WHAT is that?

Love Violet!

Lennon? You want her to look at her little girl and think of a dead beetle?? :)

Jackie said...

Euphogenia???? What kind of name is that Colin? I know you don't drink..but seriously...are you sneaking something somewhere?????

Heck Elizabeth...I had that size bump when i found out i was pg...and you can easily do it with 2...double mine and you got twice as much...and throw a Noel in there for good measure.......

Sara Dickey said...

are my all time faves

you look so great!

Anonymous said...

A little late in posting, but I wanted to say that you look lovely all the same. Congrats on daughter #2! Avery will enjoy having a sister. Love several of the names here. As a teacher, I didn't want my daughter's name to be too common. I wanted her to be remembered for all the right and/or wrong reasons in whatever life might bring. Hubby and I chose Helen after my grandmother. A second little girl would have been Macy, and I am surprised at how many Macys I have met since then! Blessings to all of you. Can't wait to hear what you name her.