Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday Collin!!!
28 years ago God was in a very, very good mood when he made Collin! I've never met anyone so hilarious, so energetic & so unforgettable!
If you've read my blog for a while you may think that Collin sounds kind of perfect. Well, that's because he kind of is. I mean, if picking your nose is the worst thing someone can do-pick away! :) I guess he has to balance out our relationship with my drama and craziness!
Remember this post... I wouldn't call it copy cat, more like revenge!

Count em down! 28 reason I love you!
I love how whenever you have a receipt or piece of paper in your hand you fold it up as tiny as possible. Then I have to unfold all of them to see if you wanna keep it or throw it away.

I love how thoughtful you are of everyone around you. And you turn off your headlights if they're in someones eyes.
I love how you wake up with Avery so I can sleep.

I love when I try to take a picture of you this is what I get. You always ham it up!

I love those kissable lips.

I love when we watch Jay Leno or Letterman you practice stand up routines in front of me.

I love when you sing 'Nessun Dorma' at the top of your lungs after watching the Paul Potts video clips over and over.
I love that you were with me the whole way & holding my hand when delivering Avery & Quincey.

I love that you massage my feet after a long day!! Who does that?!

I love when it's time to go to bed you make some PBJs! That are only delicious with each bite dipped in milk.
I love how every single night since we've been married the last thing I hear is "sweet dreams."

I love that you probably change a many diapers as me.
I love that you've never missed a day of church in your life & you were so tired the other day so I let you sleep in-you jumped out of bed & couldn't believe I let you miss the first 45 minutes.

I love when you make Rhoade's cinnamon rolls for us late at night with a tall glass of milk!
I love that after you finished the triathlon-2 hours and 41 minutes of extreme mental and physical resilience-you were still hilarious and cracking everyone up!

I love when I'm getting ready for bed and go to brush my teeth you've already put toothpaste on my toothbrush.
I love when you get so excited about ordering blik online!

I love how when I'm staring at a finished scrapbook page you say, "I love where you're going with that."

I love how you are completely supportive with my scrapbooking and all the time that it requires.

I love how much pride you get from having a green lawn compared to our dead lawn last year.
I love how you always order the exact same thing off the menu and don't understand why I ever even look at them.

I love how much you want to go back to Honduras & other countries to do more service projects. I love that you already think of names for your non-profit organization. I love when you were proud of your little sister & called her a philanthropist she said "no I'm not!" because she's so used to your teasing!

I love how you immediately make people smile when they talk to you.
I love that I ask you to pick me out clothes when we're at the mall because you always pick out cute stuff.

I love how you write down each of our goals and hang them up. Currently hanging up: "I am grateful that I'm a good little girl and obey mommy & daddy."
I love how Avery is daddy's little girl and when she wants something during the day she calls out, "Daddy, daddy, baba, chi chi... daddy!" :)

I love how you have me rolling on the floor laughing with the drop of a quote.
I love how you are a natural entrepreneur and would make Donald Trump's head spin.

I love when you get home from work and I feel like a dead mommy you look at me like I'm beautiful!
I love that I woke up from a nap and Avery was wearing this!

& last but not least-love your cute caboose!

Love you babe!
Wish Collin a Happy Birthday!


MandieGirl said...

this is SO sweet. Happy birthday, collin!

Emilie Ahern said...

The first comment?!!


From a woman who has an amazing husband as well, I can appreciate all you do for Liz and your girls. I know from my own experiences that these small acts of service make such a difference in the lives of your girls!

Bravo for good and strong husbands and fathers!

And a triatholon?!!! Shut UP! Amazing accomplishment.

Emilie Ahern said...

Mandie beat my comment by 2 minutes. Ugh!

It doesn't make my birthday wishes any less cool...does it?

Kristin said...

I would have to agree that your hubby sounds pretty perfect, nose picking and all. I've told my husband that he should read your blog and take notes. He thought I was kidding....go figure????

Happy Birthday Collin!

Mimmers49 said...

Happy Birthday Collin!!! Wow, he is quite amazing...ok, I'll admit it!!! You two are sooo cute, and together, you are out of this world adorable!!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Collin!!!! Liz this was so cute! Perfect Revenge =)

Scrappy Girl said...

Happy Birthday Collin!

Now I want to go throw up after reading all that sweetness. Just joking.

Do you give lessons. If so, sign Dr. Hubby up first!

Ingunn said...

Aaw, this must be the sweetest blog post I've ever read! Happy birthday, Collin!!

the other Karen Foster said...

Happy Birthday Collin!!!!
You two are 2 cute!
Here's 2 a happy and healthy year!

dawn said...

The two of you are amzing together!! Happy Birhtday Collin. Enjoy your special day~~ Enjoy your fabulous wife & your beautuful kids!!

Many Blessings!

Kara said...

happy birthday collin!

that's a awesome list elizabeth!
thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! :]

Lauren said...

Hey! Hope you have a great birthday, Collin!! Woooohooo!

Rachael said...

Wow that was amazing, i got teary eyed!! Happy Birthday Collin!!

lexsmama said...

That is the sweetest birthday tribue I've seen EVER! Happy Birthday, Collin!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Collin! It's so funny because TR makes the same face as Collin when I try taking his picture. He calls it the "sexy face" Maybe it's a Timpview thing! You guys are so cute together!

Sophia said...

Happy Birthday Collin, all the way from South Africa...

Hope Liz spoils you to death..lol

Amber Scurlock said...

That is just too cute. Happy Birthday Collin!

jfrank said...

Happy Birthday Collin!! I don't know which one is sweeter!! I love them both!! I love that you both are so willing to share your life with us!!! Here is to many more and a wonderful year!!!

Kristina said...

the man puts toothpaste on your toothbrush? WOW, that's love.

Happy Birthday Collin!

Sara said...

You are amazing Collin - Liz is very lucky!

Happy Birthday!!!


Queen of Paper said...

Happy birthday Collin. I must say in the 20 minutes we visited you... you were such a nice guy. hope you have a great one and ps... I love that shirt "my mom is hot"

Amy said...

I think you 2 deserve an award for "the sweetest, most endearing, good to each other couple" Seriously though, how sweet are you two!

Happy Birthday Collin, hope you have a great day!
(and glad to hear you made it through the triathalon safe... so sad to hear about the man who drowned.)

Latrice said...

How cute!! Happy Birthday Collin!! Have a good one!!

angie worthington said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLIN!!!...i love that he puts the toothpaste on your toothbrush, that is really special...and, that t-shirt on avery is something that my hubby would do!....what a greatn hubby you have!!!...
;) angie/craftyscrapr

jen k said...

awww....you guys are probably the cutest couple ever. Happy Birthday Collin!

Lindsey said...

you two are too cute!!! Happy Birthday Spudman!

collin said...

Wow, thanks hun! Can I get a woot-woot on the caboose comment?

P.S. I blame the nose picking on the dry Utah air. It 'aint gonna pick itself.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Collin. There just couldn't be a cuter, sweeter couple anywhere! love both of the birthday posts--finished reading them a little teary-eyed!
:)Sharon in Wyoming

sara b said...

Oh, you guys are so stinkin sweet. I love how you state that you always appear to make Collin perfect, you do, but I think it is totally AWESOME. I would love to be a fly on the wall at your house for just one day! Happy Birthday Collin!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Collin, I think I love you too:)


Mary and Ryan said...

You two are seriously perfect for eachother! I love you guys together! Happy Bday Collin, thanks for taking care of my Lizzy:)

smdoss said...

Do ya have a brother and would he mind that I'm married??? ;0) Have a GREAT day, Collin - you rock!

Karen~ said...


Sounds like you have a great guy!


Drama Mama said...

Happy Birthday Collin!
Love the reasons Liz, very sweet!

charity said...

that's my bro! I'd like to take credit for teaching him everything he knows....

:) just kidding. This guy figured it out pretty much on his own. a living example of making limonada!

ARob said...

Lizzy & Collin--

You two are just so cute! I am a newly wed, but I hope that when I have a bigger family, my husband stays as sweet as Collin is to you!
Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Happy Birthday Collin & Good job on the tri! Maybe Liz can do it with you next time! ;-)


Sarah E. said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLIN! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Collin! Hope you got everything you wished for on your birthday and more!
You 2 have such a beautiful relationship! What a wonderful gift to give to your girls!
My sweet hubby and I have been married a whopping 13 years and it only gets better... ;)
(I know it is hard to believe that!)

Ellen Cebo said...

Love is... putting toothpaste on her toothbrush :-)
This post is sooooooooo sweet!
It really put a smile on my face after a long tiring day. It's uplifting to read so much love and appreciation.
Happy birthday Collin

Bessie said...

Happy Birthday, Collin. Here is to many more.

suburbanprairie said...

Happy birthday Collin! Thanks for making my friend Liz one happy chica! :O)

Britmellen said...

Um...that last comment, was from me. Britney. :) I had another e-mail addy logged in.


pieces of us said...

Happy Bday to you and Me! We have the same date, as only really cool people do. ;0)
Rachelle B.

cherice said...

excuse me why are we blogging friends? chericeanderson.blogspot.com

Marfa said...

That's MY birthday, too...I'm 31. Sounds like Collin had a great day... I did too, spent it with my family!

Anabel Pagan said...

Happy BDay Collin!
May all your bday wishes come true.
You guys are so made for each.

Lindsey said...

ahh, who doesn't love colin. happy birthday!

cute post!

EmmaJ said...

Happy Birthday Collin!
My Husband turned 28 on the 22. Maybe I'll give him a belated list of the 28 things I love about him... I really love this idea.

latte_grande said...

LOVE this post! Just as sweet as the one he wrote for you, Liz....the two of you are just so sweet together! Makes me smile. :)Happy birthday, Colin!

noel joy said...

happy birthday collin! i can't believe i missed it.

i wanted to come up with 28 things i loved about you... but ran out at 3. ::wink:: i think you're the best guy (excepting the amazing stan)... you guys a saints for taking such good care of your girls.

stephanie howell said...

This is just the sweetest tribute ever. And oh, gosh..it makes me miss my husband. A lot of this I could have written about Jimmy. Happy belated birthday, Collin!

ScrappyJen said...
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ScrappyJen said...

Happy Birthday Collin! And thanks Lizzy for reminding me to appreciate my man. Been kinda irrational lately and you've reminded me just how special the men in our lives can be - and that we should tell 'em as much. Praise God for blessing us with such wonderful men!

christa said...

So Collin, you got any "clinics" coming up?? My husband would totally LOVE to attend, it's Q-u-i-n-n. . . Happy Birthday.

Heather said...

I know I don't know you and this is an old post of yours. But I just finished writing a post that was about wanting something like this to write about. I think it's so beautiful and just amazing what you've written about your husband. And I wanted to tell you that you've made my whole week. These heart grabbing thoughts will be swimming around in my head for quite some time. Thank you.