Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Magpie Winners

Blogger doesn't like me today... :)
I have been so moved and inspired by your comments about being blessed left for the Magpie Giveaway. Here are the 2 lucky winnners:

Lori said...
I feel fortunate for some of the trials I have had lately. They have helped me to live more in the
moment, to be less concerned with what others think of me, to focus on how precious my
relationships are, especially with my husband and my
wonderful children.

Mandie said...
Listening to my kids giggle when they are talking to each other and playing. Making up their own little jokes and stories. Email me your address and have fun with these great
Magpie Kits.

UPDATE: I am thrilled about everyone who signed up for my online class. The kits sold out fast! You can still take the class & use great stuff from your own supplies & we all know we have stuff to use.

PS Such a cute photo by Jefra at a Spark meeting... celebrating Margie's birthday!


mely said...

a great picture

Pink said...

Hi, I have followed your blog for awhile now. I am just here to remind you that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as a survivor, I am just going to all the blogs that I read to remind you to do your self breast exams. Have a great blessed day and DONT FORGET TO CHECK YOUR BREAST! Visit my blog for a Breast Cancer giveaway.

Latrice said...

Is there still room in your class? I wasn't on the ball to get a kit, but would love to join in with my own stuff. FB me or email me and let me know.

Anonymous said...

That's such a great picture!I love her dimples!
I can't wait for the class to start!
I'm hoping that SOS is still slowly going around. I'm waiting to get them! I think pink sunglasses will be fun with autumn leaves and pumpkins!