Friday, October 23, 2009

Spark Soiree

The Spark Soiree was a sparkling success! 
We sipped down dizzie lizzies with cherries on top, got lost in Dear Lizzie's magical shop, played dress up with all the fabulous hats, bows & jewelry, & chatted with new & old fanciful friends.   
The best part of the night was meeting a bunch of local Sparkettes for our event & even chatted online with other ladies through a live video chat. I loved what the owner of Dear Lizzie, Laura, said during the Soiree. That she loved having this party there knowing that at her shop was when we first dreamed up Spark. She heard us giggling, laughing, planning... love that. (Photos by Jefra)

PS Spark is coming up so quick! Yesterday I posted a peek of the fabulous fabric class that Kelly McCaleb is teaching. You're going to love it! She's planned such a lovely class going above and beyond a basic tee and dressing up it up with her hand-picked vintage fabric collection. wowzers. 
PSS Happy Birthday to my friend Rhonna Farrer--- a fabulous fun little lady!!

PSSS I love Fridays & Fall

PSSSS I am making sugar cookies. 

PSSSSS Want some?


lyndsey said...

lol you are so cute. yes, please, i would love a delivery of sugar cookies. :)

glad the spark soiree was a hit!

Anonymous said...

That looked like so much fun!!
What's in a dizzie lizzy?

Sara Ancich said...


Rhonna Farrer said...

awww, thanks, my sweet sass pipe!
love YOU!

Giny Cortés said...

I had fun participating in your Soiree via live video chat. Wow, what a place! I love Dear Lizzie! I’m jealous of everyone going to Spark, but happy to be taking your class. So, how did the cookies turn out???

Carly said...

Okay, so where have I been? All this time when you would mention Dear Lizzie I thought you were talking about your column in CK magazine. Then I thought you were expanding on that. Now I get it! What a dork I am. :)

janjannyjan said...

OMG...yes!! Love cookies! You are so adorable : )

ker said...

Is that Heidi Swapp I see in the bottom photo? Looks like alot of fun.

stephanie howell said...

so i know it's probably getting annoying that i keep saying i'm sad i can't come...but i'm SAD!!! xoxo