Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mary quite contrary

One of the dear lizzy questions:
-What are your favorite etsy stores? I love seeing what other people find on there! :) Alison
My favorite was recently opened by Mary, my bestie since junior high school, she opened up a cute headband shop. check it out!

Still pretty chilly here... that's why it kills me when Mary tempts me to come see her with texts like, "It's 85 degrees and I'm eating a snowcone." That's just mean.

Isn't she the cutest soccer mom?! And her boys are adorable-my future son-in-laws. ;)
Like I said, she's been my best friend since 7th grade-- days of braces, prank calling boys & cheese fries from Big H. Can't believe we are moms now. crazy.
(love ya mary!)

Other favorites:
Handmade knits: Beautiful Bridget
Cool Prints: Farouche
and don't forget Mary's stylish shop


Lynette said...

Hi Lizzy, discovered your blog this morning:) I know, I know...you have been there all along..and whenever I wanted to visit, I thought oh no...my blog roll is so long, not another one to follow! Today I took the plunge and I LOVE your blog, your creative work and your wonderful sense of humor...so just to tell you, you have another fan from South Africa:)


Lexi said...

Always fun to find new etsy shop to love! Thanks for sharing. Could you tell me where you found the aqua ampersand in your previous post? Ddi I see something like that once at Anthro?

jeannie said...

mmmmm Mary's headbands R YUMMY!!

Paula Ga said...

HEY i love your blog!
have a cute day!


Mary and Ryan said...

Thanks Lizzy! I love you:)

Anonymous said...

that head band looks amazing you could so dress it up and down. good call thanks for the heads up:)

JaMie HeApS said...

oh liz you LUCKY DOG. you've had mary in your life that long, were all jealouse. I LOVE LOVE THESE HEAD BANDS. there the best thing to add a little somethin somethin to any outfit. ane one other perk a quick pony or bun turns into to something speacial with the help of these quys.

oh and yes one foxy soccar mom indeed. remeber when i played at phs againts you and camile at ths... good times

Melissa H. said...

So, I just thought of a question...
What camera bag do you use? I am on the hunt for a seriously stylish and functional camera bag for my Nikon DSLR. (Would love it to hold more, too.) I noticed on Ali Edwards she had mentioned one as well as Becky Higgins. Any ideas. Googled them, just brings up too many "man-ly" choices....THANKS!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing these shops- I love Etsy!

Leslee said...

I've had a recent obsession with Etsy lately, and I absolutely love finding new shops there!

Alison said...

Thanks for answering!

I think you still need to show us how to make those cool flowers with your fabric papers, of which I just purchased a ton. ;)

Lucy Dow said...

Love the headbands but just wondering if I can add another question to the "Dear Lizzy" list. This one may seem a bit odd ball but I am curious...What is on your coffee table? (I mean for decor...not sippy cups and board books:) I have struggled with coffee table decor for years! I am not into fake flowers...I have a place for magazines and I need something cute, colorful and cheap! I am asking many people this question in a quest for the perfect coffee table decor...so...what's on your coffee table Dear Lizzy????

Anonymous said...

Dear Lizzy,
How do you submit Dear Lizzy questions?


Diane said...

Cute headband. Here is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

thanks liz for mentioning my etsy shop in your blog. still love your blog to death! xoxo carrytales