Tuesday, October 12, 2010

get messy

First things first, I am absolutely thrilled for everyone who has signed up for my online workshop! Your excitement for the class in your emails and comments is quite fun!
There are still kits available, though it is getting close to full.

A couple days a week, while big sis is at preschool, I soak up some together time with Q. This time is filled with all the things toddler: painting, snacking, cuddling, potty training & messes.
One of my creative rut remedies is to get messy and she is the perfect example of how that's done. To let loose and color outside the lines. To try something new & don't think about whether you are creating the right or wrong way. Because there isn't a right or wrong way.
She's a sweet girl... with a good Tablespoon of spice. I watched the other day as our pomeranian dog, who sadly doesn't like little kids, would not give her the time of day she still patted him on the head and loved him no matter what. Little kids have such a forgiving heart and are undaunted by the world. My hope is to instill that in her as long as I can... which is quite the task and I've yet to figure out how that's done. But, I'm determined.
Crossing my fingers that I will have some messy time in my studio today. It irritates Collin when I say studio... it's an office he always says. But I had to say it. haha. Studio, studio. An office sounds absolutely boring anyway.


Sara Ancich said...

where are the pictures of your dog?

elizabeth kartchner said...

you've never seen pictures of mookie pompous? :)
...my mom adopted him the last couple years. I'll take one just for you Sarah!

And U Jest said...

I agree office sounds stuffy! I like Studio... sound more creative.
Have fun in your "studio" today!

{VICKI} said...

You go girl---it's a STUDIO!

Maria A said...

I just saw that you won't be teaching at IU next year! I will miss you so much! It will not be NEAR the same without you but I understand with 3 little ones you will be busy at home!

Helen Tilbury said...

Well mine's always been a studio & I've had no complaints so you tell him girl - an office is for an accountant & that you aint! I was also surprised to learn of Mookie Pompous but then I remembered Collin's hilarious spoof video of Cindy Tobey - and Mookie just wanted to be in it - Oh I laughed! and laughed...and laughed!

Altaira said...

preschool is a blessing! without it the younger kids wouldnt get as much mommy alone time.
i was in Salt Lake this past weekend. i only got to see the convention building, temple and the lion house. gorgeous place to visit. i had never been there before and cant wait to go back - hopefully for more than just a day!

Heidi G said...

You should sing him the song from the woman who was on America's Got Talent. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlkdpnEztjo

I'm sure it would be the perfect song for him to be able to accept your name for your "creative space."

Latrice said...

Love this picture. Yes we need pictures of this cut poochie!

naomi chokr said...

Im so embarassed to call my craft room.."studio" i think i may just start saying that. hahah! i think my husband will tell me the same thing collin says to you.

Question... i have totally rad actions 1 & 2. What actions do you use the most when you edit your pictures. will you be able to share your actions workflow for some of your pics? maybe like the ones above?? I love how you edit your pictures.

Thank you!!!

Maristela Cabello said...

I love to visit your blog and everything!
bought in class. materials not purchased with our tax here is very high.
What will the class? You will send via email?
I look anxious.

Jessica Woodford said...

"offices" are for dressy business people w/ briefcases. "studios" are for messy artists w/ glue & paint on their hands (and sometimes clothing!) :) I've called my "creative" space a "studio" for ever....and I LOVE the name! xo

Neicee said...

Hey Collin: STU-DI-O!!!

Keep getting you and yours 'messy'...it is indeed a clear path to the 'child' in all of us.

And before I go............STUDIO!!

Roger and Rosaleen Milner said...

Hi There,

I am a new reader of your blog, I fallowed a link over to you after the fabulous dinnner party at Nie Nie's! Your blog is wonderful.
I love that you see 'messy' as creative. I try to let my kids live as kids through out the day and then at 5 p.m we have five o'clock clean up. I am always amazed at what they can play and create in just the few hours of day time.

Have a great day


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I love Pomeranians! Could you pls share a pic of this cute doggy with us? :)

Adorable photos of Q - thx for sharing!!!

I laughed when I read your post!!! What is it with men? Hee!!! My hubby does the same thing. I tell him I'll be in my "studio" and he says, it's not a studio, it's an office!!! LOL! I like my creative space to be called my studio. I agree, office is just boring!!! You go girl!!! Have fun in your STUDIO!!!

the johnson's said...

Your kids are beautiful and frankly, I think mine are, too. I tell them that. But, I also tell them over and over again that I not only want them to be beautiful on the outside (which is often easy in comparison), but that it is much more important to be beautiful on the inside! Having a forgiving heart is def being beautiful on the inside!