Wednesday, November 24, 2010

gobble gobble: Thanksgiving kid table crafts

I made a couple crafts for the kid table so Collin and I can enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner and the kids are happy and eating too.
Exhibit A: Snood on a stick
A easy craft that your kids can put together or I made them ahead of time. All you need is felt and paint stirrers or something wood to glue the felt to. There is a template you can download to make them. They are silly and cute and could even be turned into a fun game.

Exhibit B: Turkey Apples
When I was a little girl I loved making these turkey apples! They're such a quick idea you can throw together and it's sure to keep your kiddos busy & their tummies happy. I used one of the felt turkey finger puppets (see exhibit C) on the front of the apple. Then all you need are toothpicks and an assortment of bite-size finger foods.
Some ideas may include celery, grapes, cheese squares, raisins and marshmallows which are my kids favorites so I know they'll be happy. Of course on Thanksgiving you can add some real turkey to the mix.

Exhibit C: Finger Puppets
Turkey finger puppets are such a cute idea from Martha Stewart. My girls have already enjoyed playing with them this week and if your kids are old enough they can even put them together themselves. (Tacky glue is a good option for felt and they won't burn themselves like hot glue.)
You only need different colors of felt, something for eyes and download this template.
The puppets fit perfect on the top of pretzel rods so they can snack on those while they play.
Happy Turkey Day! (tomorrow)


Valerie Spence said...

Looking forward to hearing news of your little one's arrival!
Just thought I'd share a link with you. You mentioned a new found passion for cuckoo clocks and I found this DARLING cuckoo clock. It's knitted fair-isle and there are so many gorgeous treats that this lady makes. I LOVE her Russian doll stuffed toy and her Russian doll pram blanket (in colours that would be perfect for your nursery - pinks and orange). Hope you like!

Kathy said...

How lovely - now that my family is moving toward having a kid's table, I will be saving these ideas for the years to come. Thinking about how I can take the hat idea and transform it for a birthday party this week.

Love your work, and thinking of you in these last days before your little one arrives.

Julie said...

I'm sure everyone is greatful for your posts while you're away, but it kills me each time I see your blog in bold in Google Reader. I save it to read last sure that I'll get a fix of newborn baby pics and a name... :)

Megan P said...

i saw collin's tweets last night, and saw the picture of your new daughter! she is precious!!!
Congradulations, i can't wait to see more pictures!


Esther said...

Those are some great ideas! I'll have to remember them for our Canadian Thanksgiving next October.

pollydove said...

Adorable stuff!!!! I have never even seen that apple turkey idea before! I LOVE it!

Jenny said...

I just saw the picture on twitter, congratulations she's beautiful!!! (and big, where was she hiding, you didn't look big at all) =D

JamieW said...

Congratulations on the arrival of Lola! She's beautiful, and so deliciously chubby! How does a little gal like you carry babies so big?!? Welcome to the "Momma to 3" club!

Amber Zimmerman said...

What cute ideas! Love the apple turkey. I see little one has arrived? Congrats! What a wonderful Thanksgiving for you! :-)

Libby said...

Congratulations and my very best wishes on the birth of your daughter!

Lisa said...

Adorable crafts, and adorable kiddo's. Congradualtions on your new baby girl. I hope all went well and CAN'T to hear all. AND see pics. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome Lola Marie. Saw the picture on twitter, too cute with that little pink bow in her hair!

--Marilyn, Northern VA

Traci Michele said...

Too cute!