Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sometimes I tend to obsess over things. When I was younger it was collecting those plastic charm necklaces and anything to do with New Kids on the Block. Today, I'm officially obsessed with Instagram. For those of you who don't know it's a free app on your iphone and works similar to twitter or facebook where you follow people or have friends, the difference is that your feed is all pictures.
When you go on a walk with the girls they stop and look at every single ant
More evidence of how much this girls loves bugs
Making the yummiest monster cookies with my friend Annie
A freshly picked flower from my Q
My mom and all her granddaughters (missing one grandson)
Piggy back ride
Tiny Flowers
Midnight treat with sprinkles on top

One reason that got me hooked is that it's insanely fun to capture those moments you might not necessarily get unless you had your phone in your pocket.
Sunday morning on a blanket with my girl.
In-N-Out lunch date with Collin
Dentist appointment. If you know me I hate the dentist. But this particular appointment it was me all alone in a quiet room watching Friends & seriously laughing so much that I had to turn it off while the assistant took pictures of my teeth. (I was so dorky but it was that episode where Phoebe and Chandler are pretending to like each other but he really loves Monica. It's a classic.)
Avery has a handful of sequins in one hand and a potato bug in the other... so random. I love that girl.

And there are some gnarly photo actions! Did I just say gnarly?
Getting J-Dawgs with the fam (J Dawgs= best hot dogs around)
Cupcake batter and a princess
Toes in the grass
View from our summer mornings outside
Pattern and Lace
My sister doing my hair
Cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy
Sleepy girl and her care bears
Birthday card for a friend

Sunday afternoons & our Lola Bug tries to stand on her own.
Hanging out by the pool enjoying a snowcone because someone pooped in the pool. Sick. lol
Two words=Shaved Ice
Her first love
Garage sale find and new record player holder
Shadow dancing
Date night
Nerd alert

One of the biggest reasons I love Instagram is the numerous companies who take your photos and either print and send them to you, make mini books or large books, posters or even tiny stickers. That's the part that really got me hooked. Because let me tell you, anything that makes it easier to get pictures of my computer and into my hands makes me a happy girl!
If you're on Instagram my username is dearlizzy. Or let's connect on Twitter or Facebook.

Printstagram: mini books, stickers, poster
PostalPix: Prints your pictures onto photo paper & aluminum
Blurb: Photo books. Blurb also prints your blog into a book. Yeah, you can thank me later.
I'm trying all of these out so I will let you know how that goes!


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

You might want to check out Blog2book. Much easier than Blurb.

elizabeth kartchner said...

yeah, i've used blog2book too... printed out all of collin's twitter feeds using it. They are good too.
thx Arlene!

Kat said...

How do you group your photos together like that? I tried and for the life of me couldn't figure it out!

elizabeth kartchner said...

You can do it in photoshop or here I used the free google software: Picasa.
You use it to make collages and to edit photos.


Adrienne Alvis said...

Hipstamatic is also highly addicting ;)

Esther said...

I am all about Instagram! I love catching random moments on my IPod. I didn't know you could get them printed on stickers though! My Instagram name is @estherbear

Anonymous said...

Ooooo thanx for sharing, I totally want to hear which of those rockz the most! Also I'm totally obsessed with instagram to and my tiny little blog proves that. Thats like all I've been using. : )


Julie said...

l love your pictures, I love the way you capture everyday life in such a cute and honest way:):)
Take Care Honey - Ju xxx

HeatherOz said...

You collected New Kids On The Block? The actual KIDS? ;)LOL
When I lived in SLC, I had to go to Vegas to get my In-N-Out!
I really REALLY need an iphone!!!

Jola said...

Love it, use it too !And love the pics you made ! I also use ShakeltPhoto. It gives you nice poloroid pictures with fun colours.
Do you make al your collage with Picasa ? How come they appear so big ?

jaclyn said...

so i use my instagram on my i touch, how do i go about getting it onto blogger? im sure it's easy but for some reason i can't figure it out. can you point me in the right direction... please & thank you

Tiffany said...

I'm on instagram too. Obsessed is an understatement. Love this app! Aaaaand I love that you provided websites for me to be able to get these photos into my hands. <3

Laurie LaRiviere said...

thanks for sharing all those lovely photos! LOVE the one with Quincey and her little friend, so sweet!

Hilary said...

Those donuts look so good. I want one!


Ellie A. said...

Instagram for this newbie of FINALLY upgrade (ha) has been AWESOME. Its true I get to capture things I wouldn't normally. I already have used Postalpix to print my pics & that has been awesome & easier for me to add to my Project Life album. I am in LOVE :)

kylee said...

instagram is by far my favorite part about owning an iphone!

Jag said...

Thanks for sharing this app info... So ready to get clicking away!:-)

Jessica G said...

I LOVE the prints I have received from PostalPix! They will even print in a 4x4 size!

Tabitha@InspiredByGiving said...

LOVE all your pics! And I have an uncanny sense that you like doughnuts and cupcakes as much as I do! The real nerd alert is that I don't have an iPhone--waa waa ;(

AmieeAya said...

Ha! Love instagram too. When I saw those pics tho I did a double take... I thought your friend Annie was me!! Seriously, it was weird. I'm even wearing almost the same shirt today. For a few scary moments I thought you were stalking me, or that we were friends and I just didn't know it...! Eek! Maybe I'll recreate the pic in my kitchen so you can not think I'm totally nuts.

pollydove said...

SO stinkin' cute! I feel so left out of all of this instagram stuff ... boo!

Jami Nato said...

i heart instagram. why are we not friends on there.

P said...

Liz you guys are just way too cute for words. Your 3 kids are adorable and you and Collin are just beautiful together. Lovely to see 2 people in love and so in love with their kids.

pakosta said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Instagram! just ordered a bunch of photos from PRINTSTAGRAM! I Hope they come this week!

Sophia said...

Hi Lizzy!

My name is Sophia and I am contacting you on behalf of Blurb. We just wanted to thank you for posting about Blurb, especially specific to our Instagram photobook - glad you enjoy it too!

We'd love to stay in regular contact with you. Please let us know if that works for you - thanks!

Sophia (