Monday, August 1, 2011

nigh night!

No matter how eventful the day is there's always time to read "I Love You Stinky Face," & say your prayers then fall into bed.
Collin couldn't find his headlamp so the flashlight had to do... :)

It was fun today to meet up with Amy from Paper Life & the fabulous Kristine to film a segment for Craft Channel. It will air in this Fall. I showed a couple techniques using the Dear Lizzy fabric paper and I'll share more details about all of that later... nigh night.
Dress//Belt: Shop Ruche; Sweater: Anthropologie


Anonymous said...

Sweet daddy your girls have there!
And isnt Amy Coon the sweetest?!
You look fabulous <3

Lexy♥ said...

with the flash light, it almost looks like they're staying up late reading instead of sleeping!

how cute!

Diane's Place said...

Need to look for the book Pout Pout Fish...I imagine he will love reading that to the girls and then there is my all time fav...The Story of the Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunit. That one will be for him.

FauveDesign said...

That picture is adorable!Looks like they are camping outside :)

Cindy S. said...

LOVE the pics! Stinky Face is a personal fave of ours too. :)

Anonymous said...

He is a keeper!

And very cool on the Craft Channel tidbit!