Wednesday, November 11, 2009

day one details

Welcome to Spark!
What made this event so incredible were all these ladies!
Margie's husband, Grant, built this awesome photo wall. It was such a great photo op not to mention cute decor. It amazes me that little details like this wall that were part of our first vision came through in the end.

• Margie, Megan & Leslie decorating. We are so grateful for all our helpers!!
• Yes, I trusted my life on that ladder... it was all for the cause.
• Rhonna draped in the paper links and flowers.
• One of the awesome signs that Rhonna designed.
• The Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes & tissue paper flower centerpieces--thanks Amy!

Friday was our Artisans Show & Tell day where we had 2 of the buildings filled with talented men & ladies sharing their art & inspiring all of us.

In the Pine Valley Chapel we were learning to knit with Emily Sparks, making awesome mini vellum books with Jen Sorenson & paper flowers with Maren Ogden. Making cards with April Meeker's handcarved stamps & Melissa Blackburn showed how to make gorgeous pleated flowers with lovely fabric & vintage pearls. I wish I would've known her when I got married so she could make my dress. The fabulous Dear Lizzie was even there making junk bows.

In the Social Hall we were frosting cupcakes & learning to make fondant roses with Megan from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. We had lots of fun paper projects including Robyn Weirlich making a super fun project with vintage flash cards, Stephanie from Fiskars & Hayley from Sassafras. Amy Redden demo'd a lovely fabric flower & Spark sponsored a "cuff buffet" where you had fabric, ribbons, felt & buttons all at your finger tips to design your own cuff.
(check out Spark to find links for all these fabulous Spark Plugs!) Canon was even there printing photos at their heart's content!

Provo Craft was feeling the spark... We loved having a bunch of their staff hanging out with us. Mike was awesome to silk screen all our fabulous swag bags & canvas pages for our art journal class. Their Yudu machine is killer! I need one bad!! Noralee & Erin also set up some fun stations with the Cricut & Cuddlebug machines. woot woot!
Besides our seriously darling and filled to the brim swag bags, everyone got a Spark charm from Pink Chandelier. Yeah, we like to spoil our sparkettes.

Die Cuts with a view was at Spark with lots of their staff as students which was awesome.
BIG Thanks to everyone who was part of our event... check out our Spark site to see all of our awesome sponsors.

Friday night we had such a blast with our photo booth, Spark train ride around This Is The Place & 'get to know you' games.
Phew. I could go on and on... now you can tell why I was giddy like a little girl... giddy!!
And when you're at Spark, jazz hands and bright pink tights are definitely cool.

Next post day 2 including classes, keynote, Scrapbook Royalty charity and our kumbaya.


aandersen said...

I just was checking my reader when I saw your new post. Spark looked like it was so fun! I wish I didn't live so far away and also that I didn't have my master's class that weekend 'cause I totally would have tried to be there. Maybe next year :)

elizabeth kartchner said...

good luck with your class!
Yes, next year, for sure!! :)

Sara Ancich said...

LOVE that you posted all the details of this incredible event.

HATE that i had to miss it.

Congratulations on all your success.

Genevive said...

wonderful event ... i WISH i was there.... am a HUGE fan of you Dear Lizzy!

Lori Shrout said...

great post Liz. Miss it all already. Next year ??????

Brock Family said...

Thanks for posting all the details...Now I can better imagine what it would have been like to be there! :-)

Anonymous said...

Are there instructions for the fabric flowers anywhere?

Jola said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I know thay you are a very busy person, but can you please tell me how you make those beautiful colages?
Btw, really love your blog, and visiting it daily!!
And looking at your photo's how the sun is shining really makes me wat to immigrate. :>)

A fan from a very rainy winter Holland. ;>)

Andrea S said...

so there will definitely be a spark next year??

and if so, what did participants bring as far as tools, supplies, etc?

looks like so much fun!

suzi goodman said...

a fan from Atlanta!!! So awesome......get ready for next year, I will be there!

Is there a tutorial or blog to learn how to make the fabric flowers????

thanks for inspiring!!!

barbie_love said...

Looks like you had a great time!!
Congrats on pulling off such an awesome event!!

Mary and Ryan said...

Liz, it looks so amazing! So proud of you and all you are doing:) Love u:)

emily said...

I {SOOOOOO} wish I lived closer. I would have LOVED to have been there! Just amazing, Liz!

JustYolie said...

I really like the awesome photo wall!

elizabeth kartchner said...

I will definitely post how to do the fabric flowers... how does next week sound? when I get back on track since Spark... look for it Monday :)

emily, wish you could have come too.
Thanks Barbie!

Justyolie, I know the photo wall was awesome!

elizabeth kartchner said...

Thanks Mary, LOVE you!!

elizabeth kartchner said...


when we know details about the next spark you will be the first to know. :)

Jessica said...

Looks lovely! I'm thinking that Spark should "travel" like to Austin,TX {wink!}


Arymlede said...

Seems that you had a nice day... Hey... Elizabeth... when's your book ready? Regards from Puerto Rico.

Jen Fox said...

It's looking a little "sparky" around the shop... I can't stop decorating with my $50 worth of junk from Hobby Lobby, it's going to cover the WHOLE shop! YAY!

I can't stop singing those songs!

Thanks for a super wonderful weekend! Can't wait until next time!


elizabeth kartchner said...


I got word last night that my book is shipping now... I will get one on Friday---SO excited!! I haven't even seen it yet.

elizabeth kartchner said...

Jen, my spark sister, I miss you already!! Send me pics of your shop!

Arymlede said...

We are very excited too Elizabeth... Congratulations!

Olivia said...

So much going on, loved reading about it all :)

Latrice said...

I am definitely going to try and make it next year. You girls should totally do it twice a year! It would be so fun to come out. The pictures are great and your tights rock!

Jill said...

OH MY GOSH! Now I really wish I lived near you. Such amazing talent and ideas! Can't wait to read some more about it!

Rebekah Williams said...

Umm, will Spark be coming to Missouri anytime soon? :)