Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Second Sister

You should check out a new website that is quite lovely & whimsical. Second sister is the creative genius also known as... April Meeker. She taught at Spark No 1 with Margie and was instantly a Spark sister to us.
Not only did she draw the city scene above but she made me this gorgeous butterfly necklace for my Dear Lizzy photoshoot. I wore it with one of my ensembles at cha.
I love all the intricate details like how all the butterflies are made out of leather then covered with dictionary paper then gorgeous silk and packaged in an embellished cigar box. The chains she uses are beautiful too. You have to check out her shop because she makes such gorgeous necklaces and jewelry. Definitely drool worthy works of art.

Laughing at Suzy in the photo... since getting my iphone this photo looks all too familiar to Collin. lol.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh that is so pretty !!!!
xx Tina

Jami Balmet said...

Oooh thank you for sharing :D I'm gonna go check out her site and shop right now :D

ginika said...

Very Unique! I have to check out her site and thanks for sharing …By the way, heard you may be back in Puerto Rico this summer. Great news!

Michelle said...

Wow!! What a gorgeous necklace and the cutest web design ever!! :) Lovely. Off to check out her goodies!

Ashley and Chris Miles said...

Shocking your on your saweet phone :) just kidding we love giving you a hard time...Wait I am your second sister...whats up with that?

Sara Ancich said...

wondred where thatpretty little thing was from. Her stuff is muy bueno.

Margo said...

Crap. Are you kidding me? I need it My husband is gonna be so mad at you! :)

Veronica said...

How FUN!!! No "iphone" for me and for that, my hubs is GRATEFUL!! LOL
Off to check out the Blog.

amytangerine said...

LOVE april.
and your necklace.
and loved hanging out with you last week!

Rhonna Farrer said...

sheer bliss!


cabio's craft corner said...

Thanks for sharing. That is one of a kind necklace for sure. You really made me to check out her shop now :o)

suzyplant said...

HEY, speaking of your iphone and speaking of SUZY, you haven't sent me a message in DAYS! did we break up already??? xoxo

Rebekah Williams said...

It so "fits" you!

My friend Lexi (Freehand Scraps) met you at CHA. She said you were a sweetheart.

Thanks for the intro to Second Sister. Very fun pieces!

Diana said...

Hi there. I scraplifted you (again) Here's the layout:
It's my version of your darling layout in CK Feb 2010.
Congratulations on your AC line. I love AC products, and I think it's a great match. I pre-ordered one of almost everything in the line already.
I can't wait to see what you come up with next, though you have been so incredibly productive in the past year you probably need a rest!

Ris said...

Seeing that great piece reminds me of Miss Ruby Sue's necklaces, which of course reminded me of her signature flowers... I really really really hope you will do a tutorial on how to make them!

As always, I love your stuff. Keep up the GREAT work!

tara pollard pakosta said...

very pretty! But I would look like a total moron with that on me! You somehow, look like a model in everything you wear! You are stunning Lizzy! seriouslY!
can't wait to buy your new paper line! tara pakosta

Anonymous said...

Where'd you get that awesome dress??

araon said...

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