Saturday, March 27, 2010

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On your desk is a little basket of mini albums. Do you modge podge them or seal them in any way to protect from dust or are they left as is?



Hey Jacquie,

Thanks for the question... Some of them have modge podge on the covers but most of them do not. I haven't had any trouble with dust while they are in the display. I'm more worried about when the kids grab one to look at it. I'm happy the girls want to look at them but some of the albums are fragile so I just make sure to supervise. ;)

-What do you do with the pictures you do not use for your scrapbook?
Paste them into an album? Or keep them in a photo box?
And what do you do with your Polaroid? Use this for your scrapbook?
lots of greetings from Belgium,

Hi Sophie,
I have lots of places where my photos are stored. Most of them are on my computer or, yes, in a photo box. But when I do print them out I slip them in an American Crafts photo protectors and mix them in with scrapbook pages.
Yes, I use polaroids in my scrapbooks but mostly they are hung around my house. here and here.

-Hello Elizabeth! What does your scrapbooking room look like? How do you organize? I have always wanted a pictorial tour of your scrap booking room!!!
Thanks! -Valerie
Good idea! Yes, this is at the top of my blog-post list.

Dear Lizzy,
I just have to gush for a minute. I got your book and love it! Pages are ear-marked. It has sparked my imagination and I have been challenged to create in a whole new way. Thanks so much!
So here's my question.....I am outgrowing my digital Canon PowerShot and was wondering what kind of camera you would recommend? Many of my girlfriends have upgraded to cameras like Nikon, but I am overwhelmed with what I need. Can you help?
Nicole Kailiuli

Thanks Nicole,
I'm glad to hear you are enjoying my book!
This is a *popular question* I use Canon 50D and my favorite lenses include 35mm 2.0 for portraits and 24-70 2.8 for everyday photos because it has a zoom. It's a little heavy but I love it.
I would recommend the Canon Rebel for a step up from the Power Shot. It's what I used when I started learning SLR and manual. I think you'll enjoy it!
I buy all my camera equipment from B&H photo. They have great prices.


Kimmy said...

love, love, love... love your blog, love the question/answers, love your hair! (o: ~ kimmy

elizabeth kartchner said...

thanks!! :)

liza said...

I've been a lover of your blog and music for a long time. thanks for all the great advice. Ciao!

I also love my 28-70mm but have a 50mm prime. They are my absolute faves.

Kirsten said...

Great Q&A session, thanks for sharing

Korey said...

I kept checking for the answers! Thanks for posting! Glad you are feeling better :)
And hoping to see mine soon too!!!! Neat!

Colleen said...

Can't wait for a video our! Love that you are answering questions. Sooo fun!

Amber Zimmerman said...

Love the q&a's! Keep 'em comin'! :-)

Scrapamum said...

I am loving the Q & A!

Lara said...

This is great!!! Can't wait for the scrapbook room tour! (I agree with your advice on the Canon Rebel, good choice) ;)

Julie said...

I cannot get enough of your blog. I'm really looking forward to your scrapbook room tour also!

marion said...

bonjour,je suis une petite française et j'adore tout ce que tu fais,chacun de mes passages sur ton blog est une ballade poétique qui me remplit la tête d'idées et d'envies,mille merci,tu es génial!!!

La grande cupcake said...

A-ha! I finally got the answer to my email question! Thanks! Good to know! Love the blog and the q&a.Keep up the good work!

carrie said...

Love the Q&A! thanks so much Liz!

Kala & Trent said...

Thanks for doing the Q&A... these are great! I can't wait to see the scrapbook room tour as well!!! We bought our first home this year and the room that is taking me the longest is the scrapbook room... so many good ideas out there it's hard to pick!

Michelle said...

I love these Q & A's! :) So great!

Just Us said...

I am trying to sell my Rebel thats a year old to upgrade to the 50D...I love checking out your site! Keep on posting decor ideas-we just finished our first house and I am starting to decorate and I love your style!!

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