Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday Gala

Digging deep for whatever self-control I can find to avoid eating my leftover piece of cake from last night... because first this baby needs a nutritional breakfast. But that doesn't mean it won't make a delectable afternoon snacky.
Last night we went to Dear Lizzie, the cutest boutique & bistro I've ever stepped these swollen ankles into, for their 5 year Birthday Gala. Collin came with me, with the understanding that there would be sweets & boy there was! Not to mention a live band & of course shopping shopping shopping! I talked him out of those lace pants-thank goodness! ;)
Needless to say, Laura and her wonderful side kicks dazzled us like they always do!

Thanks Margie for the photos...! I'm definitely going to cover a skeleton with glitter this weekend. Hello Modge Podge!

PS Thanks for the comments on my Little Black Dress pages.


sandrajimenez said...

Congrats from Brazil!!! x.x.x. Sandra

Ann Marie said...

This is a strange question, I know, but is Dear Lizzie boutique and Dear Lizzie Liz Kartchner one and the same? Or is it coincidence that they have the same name?

elizabeth kartchner said...

Hi ann,
not a strange question at all! Dear Lizzie boutique is owned by Laura Jarman and it's in Highland, Utah. I just love it and have nothing to do with its fabulousness.

Dear Lizzy, for me, started with my column in CK in 07 after winning Scrapbooker of the Year. Then it became the name of my blog and a product line with American Crafts.
Thanks for asking :)

Nancy W said...

Yay!! So glad you shared pics, I totally loved Dear Lizzie while there for Spark! Brought back some jewelry, shoes (two pairs) and some jeggings!! Love that place!!

Would have been totally funny if Collin had actually modeled those leggings, ROFL
hugs from Conroe, TX!

sophie said...

oh gosh! why is it I was born french!!! Utah seems to be such a cool place!! well for a start there are 2 great "dear Lizzies" and I would love to meet the first and have a fun afternoon in the second one!! instead I have to cope with a freezing autumn (yes it did snow yesterday around our house!!) ! sigh! well i have to accept my french destiny! after all aren't french women well known to be the most beautiful women on earth!??? have a great day
and i loved your little black dress layouts! it is nice to see what you can do with a different style of stash!

Laurie said...

Love the pics, I checked out Dear Lizzie website, what an adorable store!! How lucky you are to be able to visit it when you want. Loved everything in there. That cake in your pics looks divine...

Corinne said...

How fortune you are lizzie!

1. eat all sweets you like and can
2. hubbie like collin
3. beautiful girls
4. creative
5. perfect!

tell me how do you pray , and I will do the same!!!

bethanykartchner said...

you and collin are so cute. I am so glad you are in my family :)

EmmaJ said...

You look so cute with your baby belly!

Bridget said...

this is my first time here and i SOOOOO am loving it!