Friday, October 22, 2010

unpacking pink

I braved the dark, cold storage in the basement to bring up the baby bins full of pink onesies & blankeys to wash and organize.
As I pulled out each item of clothing so many memories emerged.
Some worn by both girls, some by just one but each have a memory attached.
A first smile, a first giggle, sleepless nights and early mornings together. I can remember Collin holding Avery while watching a Yankees game & teaching her all about baseball or singing lullabies or with Quincey what seemed like endless crying.
I can remember feeling desperate & exhausted but happy & fulfilled.
Remember moments when I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude for my own mother & wanted to call her right then to thank her for all she'd ever done for me... although 3 am didn't seem like the opportune time.
Grateful for a friend's perfect advice yesterday who assured me that it'll take time but I'll get into the swing of what my new 'normal' is. That was exactly what I needed to hear. (Thanks Rhonna & Happy Birthday!)
Looking ahead at more laundry, more pictures, more love.

Not only did I dig through bins of baby clothes but also my hard drive to find these pictures of little Avery. That little nose kills me.

If this little baby could have talked then she would warn me about year 2 when she begins the tantrums and dramatics... & enjoy year 4 with all her singing and movie quoting.

PS Getting in the Halloween spirit with my Girls Loft kit filled with possibly my all-time favorite Halloween products by Girls' Paperie by Margie! So spookily cute!
These crepe paper flowers... love.


Claudia said...

I love your pics of the clothing, the details. I have two girls 4 years apart and re-used a lot but never thought of taking pictures of their clothes, liitle shoes, etc. How cute will these pieces of information be in 20 years looking back. Like you say, already now they bring back so many emotions, thoughts, memories. I felt totally the same. Best wishes in girl #3. GIRLS ROCK!!! As much as I miss having mommy's little boy.

PhyllisF said...

What memories! My first was a set of boy/girl twins and three years later another boy. Having a third is an adjustment, but such a joy! John brought so many changes - he had severe asthma, so my nursing skills increased. But he is such a funloving, open child. The twins adjusted quickly to having a third around, and they are best of friends now. All in college now, so the days of diapers do end more quickly than you can ever imagine.

chari-o said...

my nieces are the cutest!!

Melissa said...

Love the photos! I'll have to remember to photograph the clothes... as Claudia said, there will be wonderful memories associated with them.

Erin said...

Beautiful pictures of little Avery! I'm so excited for you Liz! I have LOVED having three! (and I was really stressed about three when I was pregnant) Yes, a little more crazy...but good crazy. And my little girls are so dang cute with my third. He seriously has three mommy's. :) You'll love seeing Avery and Quincy take care of their little sister. Something about three just feels so complete. You'll love it!

Corinne said...

I was so scared when I was pregnant of my third child ( 3 boys now!). I had mixed feelings about all. When I was 5 months pregnant my father died in a car accident ( almost 9 months ago), and this little Henry is my angel.
He is so calm and patient with his mother... Im very grateful for him.
Just make one step at the time. Day by day. When the day is over, enjoy your victory. And you will succeed!

alicia king said...

so cute! it's fun to relive all the memories!

Denise Laborde said...

I love the feeling of bringing out the baby clothes. I was there a fews months back - but all our onesies are blue :-) I found baby number three surprisingly easy (peasy!) and I'm sure you will too!
Bises, D

Beatriz said...

This post was so sweet! It made me think of my mum taking care of me and my sister :3


Allie said...

I saw your pics and thought "". The details are just so darling!!!

Brock Family said...

So cute and that is great advice from your friend! My oldest is not quite 3 1/2 and boy when she turned 2 those tantrums started and they haven't stopped...sounds like from what you wrote 4 is the age when things get better??? Please tell me there be a light at the end of this tunnel! It's hard!

JannyBee said...

Dear Lizzy-
Thanks for sharing....Makes me wish mine were babes again. Enjoy every moment...for they soon will be but a memory...and remember- if 2 is good then 3 is better!

tccba said...

It is much harder to go from one child to two than it is to go from two to three. Just relax and enjoy it. My third was a breeze.


Wendy said...

Oh so precious!

Bonnie said...

oh how me all choked up for you...because i often look at my kids aged 9 and 7 and the years just pass by too quickly...I would have another one in a heart beat if i were assured they would stay little!! But the growing up is too painful!! Enjoy them Liz and the little one on the way, I know you will! The pinkness is all too cute!

Melissa Mann said...

Gorgeous photos!

nat.pear.sun said...

This is such a cute post, I totally know what you mean with the memories attached to the clothing! I love reading your blog, you are so creative and inspiring! It was fun to talk to you the other day and so funny that you know Jeff, it is such a small world! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and good luck with everything!

Pearl said...

awww..that is so precious.
I love digging up old stuff. especially clothes.
cant wait to see you little new addition.
what are you naming her?