Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No such thing

While on a shopping adventure with us girls, I couldn't resist taking a picture of Q standing in front of a pink door in her matching pink shirt. Just when I think, "meh, I am kinda sick of pink" she reminds me how sensational the color is. Can you ever have too much pink? Actually, Collin would answer that with a resounding YES! Poor guy. ;)

The journaling reads:
No such thing as too much pink
No such thing as a day without hugs + kisses
No such thing as a quiet house or a full night's sleep
No such thing as a day without crying
No such thing as too much love
No such thing could make me happier than you
No such purpose in my life without you

Misted a pattern then pieced different patterned papers inside & added some teal watercolor polka dots and layered butterflies inside of those.
Layered tape, papers, trims under the photo. Left the journaling and the title white so that the pink in the picture and the pink honeycomb texture would stand out... although that might be tricky to see in the photographs.

The pictures on this page started off on my Instagram (dearlizzy) next stop was twitter and facebook. Then they were printed, layered, sewed around and photographed and now posted on my blog. Sheesh, covered all my social media bases here.


PS Thanks to everyone who signed up for our Something Splendid workshop! I'm always so amazed... & grateful for your support. If you haven't already check out the video.


Urban Girl said...

I love your No Such Thing prose... I will keep them in my heart all day... I am not crafty or artistic but love looking at all your crafts and ideas (and love your blog generally!).

Amy said...

Love it! I need a typewriter!!! :)
Love your layout!!!

Gaëlle said...

Hello , très belle page , superbe photo !!!! A bientôt , Gaëlle .

Linda said...

I love it!! :)

Julie said...

This is a darling layout, and you can never have too much pink in your life when you have three little girls!

Marie Tere said...

I love pink too. Your page is pinkalicious!

Question: Do you print your pictures at home. They look great -- can you recommend a printer?


josefina said...

Cute page, I love the journaling!

I signed up for your new workshop today...it couldn't come at a better time. I look forward to starting scrapbooking again.

Amanda Greer said...

I love the journaling!

Jenna Ruth said...

Love the layout. You can never have too much pink!! looking forward to the new workshop too! :)

Mrs. Dork said...

By no means is there such a thing as too much pink, even if my husband doesn't agree. This is so precious!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this LO! Your journaling is just beautiful. YAY...more pretty LO's to look @ & YAY to Pink.

*fauve* said...

Gorgeous,i love these colors on a white background.Lovely picture as well and fab journaling.xoxo

laurie lariviere said...

Love it, especially the white letters on the white card stock, beautiful!!

Elisa said...

what a cute page!!!!
you are so inspiring :)

Lisa V. said...

LOL @ Colin. My poor hubby lives in what my girls call a Barbie House. I call it the Pink Palace. We have a Cape Cod style house - pink with white trim and pretty grass lawn in the middle of the desert. Well, Mesa, AZ. I love it! The girls love it. Tony is ok with it, ha ha. I've slowly been changing the colors in some of the bedrooms to light aqua blue from the various shades of pink on every wall. It has become a bit much. Tony lives with a wife, 2 daughters and 4 female pets - there's bound to be pink. Thank Heaven for Boy Scouts - he gets his boy time and that ugly shade of green.

Genevive said...

amazing talent. period. love from Singapore :)

babar said...

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Fresh Delight said...


I linked you on my site, cause you're my inspiration.. If you mind give a comment on my site and I delete it!


vanessa said...

Hey lizzy!
i have a question: how did you add that pinkish effecy on the pictures? Also, i've been wanting to know how to create that sunny effect WITHOUT having to make the subjecy dark, like in picture above "about me". would you happen to know how?

thank you so much;)