Monday, February 16, 2009

Shades of Summer

I am so excited this will be alot of fun, just like last year!

Rules for Shades of Summer 2009:

1 Open Box (Take out sunglasses and don't loose paper with other addresses on it.)

2 Take photo with sunglasses on

3 Print out 4x6 photo and include in box with sunglasses
optional =>scrapbook a 6x6 single or 6x6 double layout

4 Email me a photo of you wearing shades to ShadesOfSummer(at)

5 Send out glasses within 3 days

6 Each person will pay for their own postage to ship glasses and photos. It shouldn't be more than a few dollars.

7 If you are going to be on vacation for longer than 14 days, sorry, please don't enter. And if you will be on vacation please include the dates in the email and I will work around it. :) thanks.

8 Please do not enter if you are moving this summer

9 Please only enter if you live in the US. But email me if you would like to host a SOS in your country at ShadesofSummer (at) and I will give you the details.

10 If you are in Western Europe Kristin Reinhard is hosting a Shades of Summer for me email her at everydaycreativeness (at)

11 If you would like to host a Shades of Summer in your country please email me at with "Host SOS" in the subject line.

If you can live up to the above requirements email me in the following format:

Line 1 Name
Line 2 Street Address
Line 3 City, State
Line 4 Zip
Line 5 Email address

to ShadesOfSummer(at)

There is limited space so email me asap if you are interested!! :)


justynapalasiewicz said...

I just emailed you! I reeeeally hope I get to do it this summer :-)


Jennifer said...

just sent an email! How fun!!

Britta Swiderski said...

Just e-mailed you. :)

Balou said...

I just emailed you. I hope there is still room on the list to sign up! =)

- Lou

Deborah said...

I REALLY would LOVE to join in!!!
I just sent an email :)

michele said...

just emailed you my 'tails - I want in :)

Unknown said...

just emailed ya!

Michelle said...

I was waiting for this ....please count me in. Just emailed you. :o)

Erin Bassett said...

Just sent you an email. :D

Jen said...

This looks fun! TX

Anonymous said...

I signed up...sounds like a blast!
Love Janet

Anonymous said...

I just e-mailed you my info (twice...oooops!)
Sounds like loads of fun!
Amy S.

Ms. Cheryl said...

WHEEEEE, This sounds so fun. I emailed you as requested. Thanks, ms.cheryl

Julie H. said...

I just emailed you about hosting for Canada! This sounds like so much fun :)

Grace Hester Designs said...

I just emailed!

*crossing my fingers and practicing my SOS pose*

Christina said...

I am emailing you now! This is going to be so much fun!

Kay said...

Oh fun! Hope I made it in!

Heather said...

Just sent off an email to you! Really hope there is room for me this year!

Christina in VA said...

I sent 2 emails, but one was kinda blank. The TAB button actually sends emails instead of, ya know... TABBING. Looking forward to playing along!

Stacy Milford said...

just sent an email! I missed out last summer, so looking forward to this!

alissaC said...

Yay very exciting!

RobinG said...

Just emailed you....sounds like soooooo much fun!!

Jennifer Yates said...

This sounds like fun! Would love to partcipate!

amy lee mallory said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to play along! Thanks for all the creativity you share wih us!

Twiggles and Trunks said...

booo! i missed it by a few hours :(