Tuesday, July 7, 2009


"It's okay," that I completely overlooked posting the winners to the Evalicious & Elle's Studio guilt-free giveaway... until now!
The Evalicious Coptic Journal Kit:
Mindy said... It's ok to take a chance on something unexpected and new! June 30, 2009 6:48 AM
Elle's Studio yumminess
Lindsay said... It's ok to get overwhelmed being a single mom. It's ok to cry. And it's ok that my 3-year-old comforts me. Mommies get overwhelmed sometimes and...it's ok. June 30, 2009 9:42 AM
Shoot me an email... Yipee! You won! and your bragging rights start... now!

Rounded corner digital frame: designed by Rhonna: House of 3
Rhonna talks about some other cool frames on her blog today.


Unknown said...

Congrats winners! {so jealous} ;) LOVE your blog, Liz!

Sandi Henderson said...

Wow Miss Liz-

That picture more than any I think I've seen so far is proof that you will NEVER have to answer questions as to who that little girls daddy is. ;)


Loren said...

I was gonna SAY!!! Collin just jumps out at me in that latest picture of Q! Wow!

Loren said...

Funny, I'm sitting here working on bookwork, with your blog minimized just so I can listen to the music :)

Rhonna Farrer said...

oh my...that little face. wow. sooo cute! you guys make cute babies! *wink!

& LOVE how you used the Hof3 frame...fun stuff, sistah!

Laci J said...

Its ok... if I didnt win because I know that some day my time will come. Laci in Alaska

Camille said...
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Camille said...

I wasn't sure which day to leave the comment on so I just picked the most current day. Here's my 07.08.09 @ 10:11:12--http://dimondfamily.blogspot.com/ I hope I did this right!

justynapalasiewicz said...

For some reason, there was no "comment" option on your July 8 post, so I figured I'd do it here :-)

I love photo you took to look like a film strip. I was wondering how you did that. Would you mind sharing your secret???


Kit said...

kissable quincey's eyes look like fire opals...or star saphires....what a beautiful baby! adorable pic.. love gigi